April 16, 1835, Rutland, New York.

January 8, 1924, Summit, New Jersey.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

Augusta was the daughter of Zebedee Larned and Sarah Ann Etheridge. She was educated at Watertown and Potsdam seminaries and the Spingler Institute for Young Ladies, at West Side Union Square in New York City. She settled in New York City as a newspaper correspondent and a contributor of sketches, stories, and poems to periodicals. In 1870 she edited The Revolution, a woman’s rights newspaper. Also, for 20 years, she was a correspondent and editorial writer with The Christian Register, Boston, Massachusetts.

She wrote six volumes of Home Stories (New York, 1872–78) that were originally published in magazines and newspapers. Her other works include:

In 1880, Larned was single, living in Manhattan, New York.

  1. Be Glad to Serve
  2. In Quiet Hours the Tranquil Soul

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