Circa 1864–?

Circa 1864.

After 1915.

Lauder was a direct descendant of Thomas Thatcher, a minister who came to Massachusetts from England in 1635, and was the first pastor of the Old South Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Lauder was her married name.

For three years, she edited the Home Department of The Midland, a Chicago periodical, in which the greater part of her writings, both prose and verse, appeared. Several of her children’s stories appeared in various periodicals.

  1. Crown Him
  2. God’s Skies Are Blue
  3. Good Night
  4. Hark! a Gentle Whisper Only Thou Canst Hear
  5. I Have a Father Who Is Wise
  6. If Raindrops Fall When Most You Wish for Sunshine
  7. List to the Message Plain and Clear
  8. Often Our Hearts Are Sad and Sore
  9. Once My Eyes Were Blinded by the World
  10. Sing Praise unto the Lord
  11. Some Day, Sometime, the Boatman Gray
  12. We Fail Rich Blessings to Receive
  13. Who’ll Be the Next to Follow Jesus?
  14. You’ll Reap Whatsoever You Sow