July 12, 1873, Mayville, New Jersey.

March 4, 1962, Long Beach, California.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Cypress), Cypress, California.

Leech spent her childhood in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, and attended Columbia University, New York City, and Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She played the organ at Bethany Methodist Church in Camden, New Jersey, served as accompanist at evangelical services, and wrote some 500 hymn tunes in her lifetime.

  1. God’s Way
  2. He Rescued Me
  3. I Have Redeemed Thee
  4. I’ll Go Anywhere
  5. No Fault in Him
  6. Some Day He’ll Make It Plain
  7. Thine for Service
  8. Trust Me, Try Me, Prove Me
  9. Trusting in the Savior
  10. When the Veil Is Lifted

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