June 21, 1859, Pennsylvania.

February 10, 1931.

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Frank was the son of Robert Jones Lehman and Louisa Weber Lehman, and husband of Clara May Lehman. His works include:

  1. Chosen of God and Precious
  2. Cruel Strife is Over, The
  3. Golden Flood of Glory, A
  4. God Leads Us in a Silent Way
  5. Heavenly Place, The
  6. How Oft There Comes to Me the Thought
  7. Many Mansions Up There
  8. O Lord, Our Light, Our Hope, Our Way
  9. On the King’s Highway
  10. Sometimes the Shadows o’er Me Fall
  11. Wave, O Wave, Aloft His Banner
  1. All Is Coming Right By and By
  2. Christmas Night, The
  3. Day of Days
  4. Make a Start for Heaven Now
  5. Shall the World Be Made the Better?
  6. Whitby Abbey
  7. With Songs of Hallelujah
  8. Wondrous Advent, The
  9. World for the Lord, The
  10. World Must Be Taken for Jesus, The