May 14, 1859, Mexico, Missouri.

July 21, 1948, Dallas, Texas.

Garden of Memories, Dallas, Texas.


Horace was the son of James Lincoln and Emaline King, and husband of  Etta Lee Thurmand (married 1887).

He moved with his family to Texas when he was seven years old. At age 10, he began attending a singing school conducted by James M. Jolley of Mississippi. In 1880, he taught his first singing class in his old neighborhood school house. Later that year, he attended his first normal music school, taught at Mountain Home (now Holland), Texas. He later had other musical training under L. B. Shook (a former student of Philip Bliss) and John McPherson of Illinois. in 1898, he graduated from the Chicago National College of Music, and in 1906 took a post-graduate course under Horatio Palmer.

Lincoln eventually became president of the Songland Music Company, and the World’s Normal Musical College. His works include:

  1. Calais
  2. City of Refuge, The
  3. Hundred Years to Come, A
  4. Mons
  5. There Is Gladness in the Gospel
  6. Seek First the Kingdom of God
  7. Soul’s Lament, The