November 28, 1812, Trondheim, Norway.

May 23, 1887, Oslo, Norway.

Vor Frelsers Church (now Oslo Cathedral), Oslo, Norway. A bust of Lindeman was erected outside the church in 1912.

Son of a concert pianist, Lindeman studied theology and music, and became organist at Vor Frelsers Church in Oslo in 1839, succeeding his elder brother, Jacob Andreas Lindeman. Ludvig was one of the leading Norwegian musicians of the 19th Century, and collected almost 2,000 Norwegian folk tunes, publishing many in a 3-volume set (1853–67). His other works include:

  1. Consolation
  2. Fred til Bod
  3. Herre, Jeg Har Handlet Ille
  4. Herre Jesu Krist
  5. Kirken den er et
  6. Lindeman
  7. Påskemorgen
  8. Spring of Souls