March 31, 1867, Moorestown, New Jersey.

August 10, 1949, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Moorestown Friends Cemetery, Moorestown, New Jersey.

Lippincott never married. She spent most of her life in Pennsylvania, attending a Friends’ high school and Swarthmore College. Known as the Quaker Poetess, she is said to have written over 4,000 poems and sacred songs. Her works include:

  1. Asleep in Jesus, No More to Know
  2. Christ Has Arisen to Realms
  3. Go, Shepherds, Seek the Little Child
  4. Heavenly Rest
  5. I Cannot, Through the Mist Perceive
  6. Jesus, My Savior, Teach me the Way
  7. Lord, How I Need Thy Care
  8. Mother, Only Take Me Back
  9. Mother’s Smiles
  10. O Father, Be Our Nation’s Guide
  11. Ring the Bells, for Years Ago
  12. Rock of Refuge, The
  13. Story Will Never Grow Old, The
  14. Take Me, Guide Me, Let Me Be
  15. Teach Me Thy Will
  16. Though Thy Steps Have Erring Strayed
  17. When the Chord of Life Is Broken
  18. Ye Who Are Weary and Afraid

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