October 30, 1811, Wilton, New Hampshire.

November 28, 1892, Wilton, New Hampshire.

South Yard Cemetery, Wilton, New Hampshire.


Abiel was the son of Jonathan Livermore and Abigail Abbot. He married twice, to Elizabeth Dorcas Abbot and Mary A. Keating. He attended Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire, and graduated from Harvard University in Arts in 1833, and in Divinity in 1836.

After ordination as a Unitarian minister, he pastored in Keene, New Hampshire (1836); Cincinnati, Ohio (1850); and Yonkers, New York (1857) (where he also edited the Christian Inquirer). In 1863, he moved to Meadville, Pennsylvania, where he served as president of the Theological School until 1891. Livermore was also chief editor of the Cheshire Pastoral Association’s Christian Hymns in 1844. His other works include:

Abiel’s aunt was hymnist Sarah W. Livermore.

  1. Holy Air Is Breathing Round, A