July 10, 1857, Mayville, New York.

March 4, 1930, San Diego, California.

Okoboji Cemetery, Arnolds Park, Iowa.

Effie married James Sidney Loucks in Sandwich, Illinois, in 1881. They later moved to Pipestone, Minnesota, where they lived for several years.

  1. All Nature Loves Sunlight
  2. Angel of Death Is Abroad Today, The
  3. Are You in the Life Boat of Christ the Lord?
  4. Cast Thy Bread upon the Waters
  5. I Found in God’s Volume a Promise
  6. I Know That My Savior Is Counting on Me
  7. I Shall Be Happy When Heaven I Gain
  8. My Savior Left His Home in Glory
  9. Revive us, O Lord
  10. Some Errands of Mercy
  11. Though the Cover Is Worn and the Pages Are Torn
  12. Why Not Say Yes Tonight?
  13. Ye Loiterers in the Market Place

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