January 22, 1830, Dearborn County, Indiana.

August 5, 1907.

Mount Vernon Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Lozier was pastor at the Methodist Episcopal church of Sioux City, Iowa, and Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Indiana; chaplain of the 37th Indiana Infantry Regiment (1861–64); and first chaplain of the National Grand Army of the Republic. Among secular works, he composed The Old Union Wagon (Cincinnati, Ohio: J. Church Jr., 1863), and wrote the lyrics to We’ll Fight It Out Here on the Old Union Line (music by George Root) (Chicago, Illinois: Root & Cady, 1868) and Over the School House Shall That Banner Wave. His other works include:

  1. Man of Galilee, The
  2. Money That Belongeth to Our King, The

Lozier’s place of death