Electress of Brandenburg

November 27, 1627, ’S Gravenhage (The Hague), Netherlands.

June 18, 1667, Schloss Cölln/Spree, Berlin, Germany.

Berliner Dom (Cathedral), Berlin, Germany.


Daughter of Friedrich Heinrich, Prince of Nassau-Orange and Stadtholder of the United Netherlands, Luise married Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg in 1646. He was living at Cleve, but she stayed in the Hague to nurse her father. In 1647, her father died, and she moved to Cleve to be with her husband. Her first child died, and after the birth of her second son, Carl Emil, she founded an orphanage at Oranienburg (near Berlin) as a thank offering. Her third son became Friedrich I, King of Prussia.

  1. Ich will meiner Missethat
  2. Jesus meine Zuversicht
    • Again My Savior Jesus Lives
    • Christ, My Lord, Is All My Hope
    • Christ, My Rock, My Sure Defense
    • Christ, the Rock on Which I Build
    • I with Jesus Choose My Part
    • Jesus Christ, My Savior, Lives
    • Jesus Christ, My Strength, My Stay
    • Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense
    • Jesus Is My Confidence
    • Jesus Is My Faithful Trust
    • Jesus, My Eternal Trust
    • Jesus, My Redeemer, Lives
    • Jesus, on Whose Name I Rest