June 26, 1891, Fairview, Pennsylvania.

January 30, 1960.

Marilla Cemetery, Marilla, New York.


Arthur was the son of Elba Jabez Luther and Minnie Bayle, and husband of Irena L. Lehnies.

A Congregational minister, Luther pastored in a number of locations, including Clarksville, New York; Erie, Pennsylvania; North Collins, New York. He was also involved at one time with the O. E. Williams evangelistic team.

  1. By and By, When Jesus Comes
  2. Every Day I Love Him More
  3. Highway Home, The
  4. I Heard of a Savior Whose Love Was So Great
  5. If You Need a Friend, Take Jesus
  6. Jesus Never Fails
  7. Lord Gave Me a Song, The
  8. There’s a Book Sent from God to Man
  9. Walking with My Savior
  10. Wandering Alone, with No One to Care
  11. We Are Treading on a Highway
  12. When I Was Living in Vileness and Sin

Luther’s place of death