July 1825, Northborough, Massachusetts.

January 12, 1894, Windsor Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida.

Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

In 1864, Oliver Ditson sent Lyon, with Patrick Joseph Healy, to Chicago, Illinois, to establish a branch of Ditson’s company. Lyon and Healy became one of the leading music dealers in America, specializing in the production of instruments of many kinds, including harps, violins, pianos, and organs. In 1883, Lyon founded Washburn guitar company in Chicago.

  1. Are You Building on the Sure Foundation?
  2. Are You Seeking Pardon and Peace?
  3. Are You Standing at the Line, Boys?
  4. Are You Wearing the Armor of God?
  5. Arise, He Calleth Thee
  6. Be Steadfast, My Brother, Be Strong
  7. Bear the Glorious Gospel Tidings
  8. By the Early Morning Light
  9. Come, Weary Soul, by Sin Oppressed
  10. Fields Are All White for the Harvest, The
  11. Gentle Shepherd, Keep Us in Thy Fold
  12. Go and Bear a Message
  13. Go and Tell the Sweet Old Story
  14. Go Bear the Sweet Message of Jesus
  15. Go Work Today in My Vineyard of the Lord
  16. Hark, the Sweet and Holy Voices
  17. Hear the Tramp of the Army of Jesus
  18. Hear the Voice of Jesus Say
  19. Ho Ye Heralds of the Cross
  20. I Am Hiding in the Rock
  21. I Am Resting on the Promises of Jesus
  22. I Am Trusting in My Savior
  23. I Love to Work for the Savior
  24. I Need Not Earthly Riches
  25. I Need Thee, Blessed Redeemer
  26. I Will Confide in Jesus
  27. I Will Follow Jesus Wheresoe’er He Calls Me
  28. I Will Sing My Songs of Love
  29. In the Ark of Safety
  30. In the Morning Bright and Fair
  31. Jesus My Savior, Look Thou on Me
  32. Let Us Follow Jesus in the Narrow Way
  33. Let Us Pray for Each Other
  34. Lift Me Higher, Savior, Nearer to Thy Throne
  35. Many a Loving Heart Is Broken
  36. Many Dear Souls Are Wandering Today
  37. Mighty Rock of Ages
  38. More and Better Work
  39. My Anchor Is Christ
  40. My Earthly Endearments Are Many
  41. My Savior Leads Me Every Day
  42. Nobody Knows the Depth of Love
  43. O Can It Be, That We Shall Meet Again?
  44. O Hear You Not the Call for Reapers?
  45. O How Many Now Are Straying?
  46. O Light Divine, Thy Glowing Rays Descend
  47. O Reaper, Standing in the Great Harvest Field
  48. O Where Are the Kings and Empires Now?
  49. Only a Little While to Wander
  50. Over the Mountains the Sunbeams Break
  51. Praise Ye, Praise Ye the Lord
  52. Savior Is Calling You, The
  53. Savior, Keep Us Close to Thee
  54. Savior, While a Pilgrim Weary
  55. Scatter Bright Smiles All Around You
  56. Soldiers of Jesus, Be of Good Cheer
  57. Star of Hope, Break Through the Darkness
  58. Step by Step, from Day to Day
  59. Step by Step, We March
  60. Step over the Line Today
  61. Tell to Me the Sweet Old Story of the Babe
  62. There Are Fields to Be Broken and Sown
  63. There Is a Bright Eternal Shore
  64. There Is Joy in My Soul Today
  65. There’s a Beautiful Land Far Away
  66. There’s a Place for Me
  67. There’s Light in the Valley of Shadows
  68. ’Tis Enough for Me to Know
  69. Toil On, Brother, Though the Shadows
  70. Up with the Morning, Work While ’Tis Day
  71. Wake, Christian Soldiers, Quickly
  72. Way to Heaven Is Beautiful, The
  73. We Are Little Sowers, Sowing Every Day
  74. We Are Marching to a Heavenly Home
  75. We Are Marching to the Land of Canaan
  76. We Are Sailing to a Port of Endless Glory
  77. We Are Watching and Waiting for Thee
  78. We Come to Thy Temple, O Lord
  79. We Have Heard Thy Gentle Voice
  80. We Shall Lay Our Burdens
  81. We Shall Reach Our Home Some Sweet Day
  82. We Will Go in the Strength of the Master
  83. We’re a Happy Band, Marching in the Army
  84. We’re a Happy Little Soldier Band
  85. We’re a Happy Pilgrim Band
  86. We’re a Happy Soldier Band
  87. We’re Marching to a Heavenly Home
  88. What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  89. What Will You Do When the Master
  90. When Billows Dark Around Me Roll
  91. When Dangers and Temptations
  92. Why Stand Ye Idle All the Day?
  1. Manitoba