1954, Kentucky.


Lyons earned a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Kentucky in 1977. He says about his conversion:

Although I had been raised in a God fearing family, religion had always been something abstract, and faith was something I felt was difficult to attain. God revealed Himself over a long period in my life in several different people. I spent many years avoiding some of these witnesses as the Lord was convincing my heart of sin through them. A Baptist pastor with which I was working to pay my way through college asked if I minded him coming over and sharing a few Bible verses with my wife and me. That was when I and my wife invited Christ to come into our lives.

He and his wife moved to southern France in 1981 when their son was born, to be close to his parents-in-law in Marseilles.

  1. Joie dans le Monde
  2. Petit Village de Bethléem
  3. Que Dieu Vous Garde