June 1, 1793, Ed­nam (near Kel­so), Scotl­and.

No­vem­ber 20, 1847, Nice, France. He had been tra­vel­ing to Rome, Ita­ly, hop­ing a warm­er cli­mate might help his lung prob­lems.

Sainte Mar­guer­ite Ce­me­te­ry (for­mer­ly known as the Ci­me­tière Ang­li­can de Cau­ca­da), Nice, France.


Orphaned at an ear­ly age, Lyte at­tend­ed Trin­i­ty Col­lege in Dub­lin, Ire­land, dis­ting­uish­ing him­self in Eng­lish po­et­ry.

In 1815, he was or­dained, and served a num­ber of par­ish­es in Ire­land and wes­tern Eng­land. However, for most of his ca­reer, he was pas­tor at All Saints Church in Low­er Brix­ham, De­von­shire, Eng­land.

He wrote two books of re­li­gious po­et­ry and hymns:

Ere the Night Fall

Why do I sigh to find
Life’s evening shadows gathering round my way,
The keen eye dimming, and the buoyant mind
Unhinging day by day?

I want not vulgar fame—
I seek not to survive in brass or stone!
Hearts may not kindle when they hear my name,
Nor tears my value own:

But might I leave behind
Some blessing for my fellows, some fair trust
To guide, to cheer, to elevate my kind,
When I am in the dust.

Might verse of mine inspire
One virtuous aim, one high resolve impart,
Light in one drooping soul a hallowed fire,
Or bind one broken heart.

Death would be sweeter then,
More calm my slumber ’neath the silent sod—
Might I thus live to bless my fellow-men,
Or glorify my God!

O Thou whose touch can lend
Life to the dead, Thy quickening grace supply,
And grant me, swanlike, my last breath to spend
In song that may not die!

Henry Francis Lyte (1793–1847)

  1. Abide with Me
  2. Above Me Hangs the Si­lent Sky
  3. Adore, My Soul, the Lord
  4. Again, O Lord, I Ope Mine Eyes
  5. All Peo­ple Who on Earth Do Dwell
  6. All See­ing God, to Thee Is Known
  7. Arise O God, Let All thy Foes
  8. As Firm as Zi­on’s Rock Are They
  9. As Pants the Hart for Cool­ing Streams
  10. As Thirsts the Wild Deer in the Chase
  11. Assert Thy Claims, O God!
  12. At Ev­ery Time, in Ev­ery Place
  13. Awake, My Soul, Awake and Sing
  14. Awful Is Thy Voice, O God
  15. Be Glo­ri­fied, O Lord!
  16. Be Mer­ci­ful to Us, O God
  17. Before Je­ho­vah’s Aw­ful Throne
  18. Behold Yon Flow­er, It Springs, It Blooms
  19. Blessed Be the Migh­ty Lord!
  20. Blest Is the Heart En­larged by Grace
  21. Blest Is the Man, How Blest
  22. Blest Is the Man, Who Fears and Flies
  23. Blest Is the Man Who Knows the Lord
  24. Blest Is the Man Whose Spir­it Shares
  25. Blest Is the Pe­ni­tent, Who Feels
  26. By Ba­bel’s Wa­ters, Dark and Wide
  27. Captive Long ’Neath Sense and Sin, A
  28. Cast Not, O Lord, Thy Church Away!
  29. Christians, Are the Words You Speak
  30. Church of God Be­low, The
  31. Come, Let Us to Je­ho­vah Raise
  32. Come to His Pre­sence with Song and Love
  33. Correct Us, Lord, We Know It Good
  34. Could I, O Lord, So Faith­less Be?
  35. Dark Was My Lot, and Long It Spurned
  36. Earth Is All Thine Own, O Lord
  37. Exalt, O God, Thy Glo­ri­ous Son!
  38. Exalted Je­sus, Hea­ven­ly King
  39. Fair, O Lord, Thy Dwell­ings Are
  40. Far from My Hea­ven­ly Home
  41. Father, We Hail the Word of Grace
  42. For Thee, O Lord, Our Con­stant Praise
  43. From Deep Dis­tress to Thee I Cry
  44. From Depths of Woe to God I Cry
  45. From Thee, O Lord, I Came at First
  46. Gently, Gent­ly Lay Thy Rod
  47. Give Glo­ry to the Lord
  48. Glorious Shep­herd of the Sheep
  49. Glory and Praise to Je­ho­vah on High
  50. God in His Church Is Known
  51. God Is Our Re­fuge, Tried and Proved
  52. God Is the Judge, and God Alone
  53. God of All My Right­eous­ness
  54. God of Glo­ry, God of Might
  55. God of Me­rcy, God of Grace
  56. God of My Right­eous­ness
  57. God of the Sea­sons, Come Again
  58. Good It Is to Praise the Lord
  59. Great Is the Lord, His Praise Be Great!
  60. Great Source of All My Be­ing
  61. Hail to An­oth­er Year
  62. Happy the Man, Whose Ten­der Care
  63. Haste, O Lord, My Spir­it Faints
  64. Have Mer­cy, Lord, on Me
  65. Have Mer­cy on Me, Lord!
  66. Hear, O Lord, Our Sup­pli­ca­tion
  67. Heaven Speaks Thy Glo­ry, Lord
  68. Heavens De­clare Thy Glo­ries, Lord, The
  69. Help, Lord, the God­ly Fail!
  70. High Above Cre­at­ed Things
  71. How Blest Are They Who Fear to Walk
  72. How Blest the Man Who Fears the Lord
  73. How Good, How Faith­ful, Lord, Art Thou!
  74. How Long, My God, the God of Grace
  75. How Long, O God of Grace
  76. How Long Wilt Thou For­get Me, Lord?
  77. How Ma­ny, Lord, My Fall Have Sought
  78. Humble, Lord, My Haugh­ty Spir­it
  79. I Come, I Come, the Sav­ior Cries
  80. I Love the Lord, I’ll Love Him Now
  81. I Love the Lord, the Gra­cious Lord
  82. I Sing of Judg­ment and of Grace
  83. I Waited Sup­pli­ant on the Lord
  84. In Deep Dis­tress to God I Pray
  85. In Lof­ti­er Mood of Lof­ti­er Things
  86. In Tears and Tri­als We Must Sow
  87. In Thee, O Lord, My Trust I Place
  88. In This Wide, Wea­ry World of Care
  89. In Vain the Pow­ers of Dar­kness Try
  90. It Comes, the Aw­ful Hour
  91. Jehovah Reigns, En­throned in State
  92. Jehovah Speaks, Let Earth Be Awed
  93. Jehovah to Mes­si­ah Said
  94. Jesus, I My Cross Have Tak­en
    • Church of God, by Christ’s Sal­va­tion
    • Jesus, We Our Cross Have Tak­en
    • Know, My Soul, Thy Full Sal­va­tion
    • Lo! We Have Left All
    • Savior, I My Cross Have Tak­en
    • Take, My Soul, Thy Full Sal­va­tion
  95. Judge Me, O Lord, and Try My Heart
  96. Judge Me, O Lord, to Thee I Fly
  97. Judgment’s Aw­ful Hour Is Past
  98. Leaves Around Me Fall­ing, The
  99. Let All the World in Joy­ful Throngs
  100. Living Lord, My Shep­herd Is, The
  101. Lone Amidst the Dead and Dy­ing
  102. Long Did I Toil
  103. Lord, a Thou­sand Foes Sur­round Us
  104. Lord, at Thy Feet I Bow
  105. Lord, at Thy Feet Our Thanks We Pay
  106. Lord, Be Mer­ci­ful to Me
  107. Lord God of My Sal­va­tion
  108. Lord Hath Build­ed for Him­self, The
  109. Lord, Hear My Pray­er, in Mer­cy Hear
  110. Lord, Hear Our Sab­bath Song of Praise
  111. Lord Him­self, the Migh­ty Lord, The
  112. Lord, I Adore Thee, All My Heart
  113. Lord, I Am Thine, Brought in­to Life
  114. Lord, I Have Sinned, but O For­give
  115. Lord, I Look for All to Thee
  116. Lord, I Pray with Con­fi­dence
  117. Lord, I Will Praise Thee
  118. Lord, I Would Stand with Thought­ful Eye
  119. Lord, in Our Hearts the Feel­ings Read
  120. Lord in Trou­ble Hear Thee, The
  121. Lord Is Great, and Great­ly Ought, The
  122. Lord Is King, Let Earth Be Glad, The
  123. Lord Is on His Throne Again, The
  124. Lord Is on His Throne on High, The
  125. Lord Is on Our Side, The
  126. Lord Is Our Re­fuge, The
  127. Lord, My God, in Thee I Trust
  128. Lord, My Spir­it Flies to Thee
  129. Lord My Strong Sal­va­tion Is, The
  130. Lord of Hea­ven to Earth Is Come, The
  131. Lord of My Life, My Hopes, My Joys
  132. Lord of the Realms Above
  133. Lord, the Hea­ven Thy Glo­ry Speaks
  134. Lord, Thou Art Good, I Know It Well
  135. Lord, Thou Art Love Di­vine!
  136. Lord, Thou Hast Ev­er Heard My Cry
  137. Lord, Thou Hast Heard My Pray­er
  138. Lord, Thou Hast Set Thy Peo­ple Free
  139. Lord, Thy Best Bless­ings Shed
  140. Lord, ’Tis a Plea­sant Thing to Raise
  141. Lord, to Our Pray­er At­tend
  142. Lord, We Have Heard Our Fa­thers Tell
  143. Lord, What a World of Sense and Sin
  144. Lord Who Died on Earth for Men, The
  145. Low in the Dust, O Lord, We Lie
  146. Low in Thy Ho­ly House
  147. Mercies of My God and King, The
  148. My God, My King, Thy Praise I Sing
  149. My God, What Mon­u­ments I See
  150. My Heart Its God Would Sing
  151. My Help Comes Down from God Above
  152. My Sav­ior, How Thy Soul Was Awed
  153. My Soul, Bless the Lord
  154. My Soul with Pa­tience Waits
  155. My Spir­it on Thy Care
  156. My Trust Is in the Lord
  157. No Change of Times Shall Ev­er Shock
  158. No God for Me! The Fool Ex­claims
  159. Not un­to Us, Al­migh­ty Lord
  160. O Bless the Lord, the Gra­cious Lord
  161. O Come, Loud An­thems Let Us Raise
  162. O God, My Gra­cious God, to Thee
  163. O God, My Spir­it Sinks Again
  164. O God of Glo­ry, God of Grace
  165. O God of Glo­ry, Wake!
  166. O God of Hosts, the Migh­ty Lord
  167. O God of Love, How Blest Are They
  168. O God of Love, My God Thou Art
  169. O God of Mer­cy, Hear My Cry
  170. O God of Truth and Grace
  171. O God, We Lift Our Souls to Thee
  172. O Had I, My Sav­ior, the Wings of a Dove
  173. O Hear My Sup­pli­ca­tion, Lord!
  174. O How Blest the Con­gre­ga­tion
  175. O How Safe, How Hap­py He
  176. O Is­ra­el’s Shep­herd, Jo­seph’s Guide
  177. O Let the Peo­ple of the Lord
  178. O Lift Your Hearts! O Tune Your Tongues!
  179. O Lord, How Good, How Great Art Thou
  180. O Lord, How In­fi­nite Thy Love
  181. O Lord, How Love­ly Is the Place
  182. O Lord, I Am but Sin­ful Dust
  183. O Lord, Why Hid­est Thou Thy Face?
  184. O My God, the God of Grace
  185. O Plead My Cause, Blest Sav­ior
  186. O Praise the Lord, for He Is Good
  187. O Praise the Lord in That Blest Place
  188. O Praise the Lord, the God of Grace
  189. O Praise the Lord, ’Tis Sweet to Raise
  190. O Praise the Lord, Ye Na­tions, Pour
  191. O Praise the Lord, Ye Saints of His!
  192. O Praise Ye the Lord, with Heart and with Voice
  193. O Pray We All for Sa­lem’s Peace
  194. O Ren­der Thanks, and Bless the Lord
  195. O Ren­der Thanks to God Above
  196. O That Day of Dread and Won­der
  197. O That the Lord’s Sal­va­tion
  198. O Thou, to Whom All Cre­atures Bow
  199. O Thou Whom Thought­less Men Con­demn
  200. O What a Con­quest Je­sus Won
  201. Of Ev­ery Earth­ly Stay Be­reft
  202. Omniscient God, Thy Eye Di­vine
  203. On God I’ve Called in Trou­ble’s Hour
  204. On God, on God My Soul Re­lies
  205. Our Hearts Shall Bless Thee, O Most High
  206. Our Hearts Shall Praise Thee, God of Love
  207. Pilgrims Here on Earth and Strang­ers
  208. Pilgrim’s Song, The
  209. Pleasant Are Thy Courts Above
  210. Powers of Earth and Hell Com­bine, The
  211. Praise for Thee, Lord, in Zi­on Waits
  212. Praise, My Soul, the King of Hea­ven
  213. Praise the Lord, God’s Glo­ries Show
  214. Praise the Lord, My Soul Shall Praise Him
  215. Praise the Lord, Ye Hosts on High
  216. Praise to God on High Be Giv­en
  217. Praise Ye the Lord, Her God to Praise
  218. Praise Ye the Lord, His Serv­ants, Raise
  219. Praise Ye the Lord, My Spir­it Glows
  220. Praises of the Lord, The
  221. Preserve Me, Lord, from Those
  222. Rebuke Us, Fa­ther, but in Love
  223. Redeemed from Guilt, Re­deemed from Fears
  224. Redemption’s Ho­ly Work Was Done
  225. Rise, King of Glo­ry, Rise!
  226. Save Me by Thy Glo­ri­ous Name
  227. Save Me, Lord, the Wa­ters Roll
  228. Seaman on the Swell­ing Seas, The
  229. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, God of Grace
  230. Shout, Ye Peo­ple, Clap Your Hands
  231. Show Mer­cy, Mer­cy, King of Kings!
  232. Sing Prais­es to the Lord
  233. Sing to the Lord a New Made Song
  234. Sing to the Lord, His Prais­es Sound
  235. Sing to the Lord, His Tri­umphs Tell
  236. Sing to the Lord Our Might
  237. Sing to the Ris­en Lord!
  238. Son of Man Is Gone on High, The
  239. Stranger and Pil­grim Here Be­low
  240. Support Me, Lord, My Hope Thou Art
  241. Sweet Is the Sol­emn Voice That Calls
  242. Teach Us, O Lord, How Brief Our Date
  243. That Man Is Blest Who Stands in Awe
  244. Thee Will I Praise, My God, My King
  245. There Is a Safe and Sec­ret Place
  246. This Spa­cious Earth Is All the Lord’s
  247. Thou Art, Thou Wert, O Lord
  248. Thou Know’st Me, Lord
  249. Through All the Chang­ing Scenes of Life
  250. Through Foes and Dan­ger, Sin and Death
  251. Thy Earth­ly Dwell­ings, Lord, Are Fair
  252. Thy Good­ness and Thy Truth
  253. Thy Gra­cious Ear, O Lord, In­cline
  254. Thy Mer­cies, Lord, Shall Be My Song
  255. Thy Mer­cy, Lord, the Sin­ner’s Hope
  256. Thy Mer­cy, Lord, to us Ex­tend
  257. Thy Pro­mise, Lord, Is Per­fect Peace
  258. ’Tis a Plea­sant Thing to See
  259. ’Tis He! ’Tis He! The Son of God!
  260. ’Tis Thine, O Fa­ther, to As­sign
  261. To Bless Thy Chos­en Race
  262. To My Com­plaint, O Lord, My God
  263. To Thee, O Lord, in Deep Dis­tress
  264. To Zi­on’s Hill I Lift Mine Eyes
  265. Unto Thee I Lift Mine Eyes
  266. Uphold Me, Lord, Too Prone to Stray
  267. Vain Were All Our Toil and La­bor
  268. Well Thy Works Pro­claim Thee, Lord
  269. When at Thy Foot­stool, Lord, I Bend
  270. When Bursts the Soul Its Earth­ly Chains
  271. When Earth­ly Joys Glide Fast Away
  272. When Hope Is Low, and Faith Is Weak
  273. When Is­ra­el Forth from Bond­age Passed
  274. When Je­sus to My Res­cue Came
  275. When Sinks My Heart in Gloom and Grief
  276. When We, Our Wea­ried Limbs to Rest
  277. While Foes on Me with En­vy Gaze
  278. Who Place on Zi­on’s God Their Trust
  279. Whom Shall I Fear? The Li­ving God
  280. Whom Should I Fear, Since God to Me
  281. Whom Should We Love Like Thee?
  282. Why Do the Peo­ple Rage?
  283. Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off, O Lord?
  284. Why Should I Fret Though Sin­ners Thrive?
  285. Wilt Thou Re­turn to Me, O Lord?
  286. With Hum­ble Lord, and Ho­ly Fear
  287. With Joy We Hail the Sac­red Day
  288. With One Con­sent Let All the Earth
  289. Within Thy Courts, Be­fore Thy Face
  290. Within Thy Sac­red Gates Again
  291. Word of God, in Mer­cy Giv­en
  292. Ye Dist­ant Lands, in God Re­joice
  293. Ye Realms of Light and Love
  294. Ye Right­eous, in the Lord Re­joice
  295. Ye Saints and Serv­ants of the Lord
  296. Ye That Love the Sav­ior’s Name
  297. Yes, God Is Right­eous, God Is Good