Jan­u­a­ry 23, 1825, New­port, Isle of Wight.

Feb­ru­a­ry 27, 1909, at his home, For­est Vil­la, St. John’s Road, New­port, Isle of Wight.

Car­is­brooke Ce­me­te­ry, Isle of Wight.


A bus­i­ness­man by trade, Mid­lane cred­it­ed his Sun­day School teach­er with in­spir­ing him to write po­etry. He wrote over 300 hymns in his life.

His works in­clude:

  1. Angels Re­joice o’er Sinn­ers Saved
  2. Apart from Ev­ery World­ly Care
  3. Be Not Wea­ry, Toil­ing Chris­tian
  4. Can Any Say, I Do Be­lieve?
  5. Church of God, Am­az­ing, Pre­cious Thought, The
  6. Come and Wel­come to the Sav­ior
  7. Come to the Roy­al Feast
  8. Eighteen Hun­dred Years Ago
  9. Father, Bless the Heav­en­ly Mes­sage
  10. Father, for Thy Pro­mised Bless­ing
  11. God Be Gra­cious to a Sin­ner
  12. God Bless Our Sun­day School
  13. God Speaks from Hea­ven
  14. Hark! In the Pres­ence of Our God
  15. Hark! The Cry, Be­hold He Com­eth
  16. He Comes! He Comes! The Bride­groom Comes
  17. He Says Be­cause He Will
  18. Himself He Could Not Save
  19. How Sol­emn Are the Words
  20. How Sweet the Cheer­ing Words
  21. How Vast, How Full, How Free
  22. I Am Told Not to La­bor
  23. I Once Was Bound in Sa­tan’s Chains
  24. If Je­sus Came to Seek and Save
  25. Jesus Died up­on the Tree
  26. Jesus Lived. He Lived for Sin­ners
  27. Jesus Ne­ver An­swered Nay
  28. Jesus the Bless­èd Cen­ter Is
  29. Jesus, the Ris­en Sav­ior
  30. Jesus, the Soul That Trusts in Thee
  31. Kept by the Pow­er of God
  32. Lamb Was Slain, the Blood Was Brought, The
  33. Let the Waves of Bless­ing Roll
  34. Life from the Dead, Eter­nal Life
  35. Look, Poor Sin­ner, Look to Cal­va­ry
  36. Lord Je­sus, Save!
  37. Lord, Our Wait­ing Spir­its Bow
  38. Lord, Pre­pare the Hearts of Sin­ners
  39. Lord, When I Think up­on the Love
  40. Love Us Free­ly, Bless­èd Je­sus
  41. Never Per­ish! Words of Mer­cy
  42. Naught but the Voice of God Can Speak
  43. News for Lit­tle Child­ren
  44. No Sep­a­ra­tion, O My Soul
  45. Not All the Gold of All the World
  46. Now, O Joy, My Sins Are Par­doned
  47. Now We’ll Ren­der to the Sav­ior
  48. O Art Thou an Heir of Glo­ry?
  49. O What a Gift the Fa­ther Gave
  50. O What a Glo­ri­ous Truth Is This
  51. O What a Sav­ior Is Je­sus the Lord
  52. Once It Was Mine, the Cup of Wrath
  53. Onward, Up­ward, Hea­ven­ward
  54. Passing On­ward, Quick­ly Pass­ing
  55. Peace with God! How Great a Trea­sure
  56. Perfect Right­eous­ness of God, The
  57. Perennial Spring of Pure De­light
  58. Revive Thy Work, O Lord
  59. Salvation, Lord, Is Thine
  60. Salvation! What a Pre­cious Word
  61. Scripture Says Where Sin Abound­ed
  62. See the Bless­èd Sav­ior Dy­ing
  63. Shall Je­sus’ Love Be Spok­en?
  64. Sheltered by the Sprin­kled Blood
  65. Showers of Bless­ing, Gra­cious Pro­mise
  66. Silver Trum­pets Sound­ing, the
  67. Sinner, Where Is Room for Doub­ting?
  68. Soft the Voice of Mer­cy Sound­ed
  69. Stern Jus­tice Cries for Blood
  70. Sweet the Theme of Je­sus’ Love
  71. There Is a Rest for Wea­ry Souls
  72. There Is a Throne of Grace
  73. There’s a Friend for Lit­tle Child­ren
  74. Thine, Je­sus, Thine
  75. Though Bil­lows Round Me Roll
  76. Thy Word, O Lord
  77. ’Tis Fi­nished, Cried the Dy­ing Lamb
  78. ’Tis Hea­ven, Where Je­sus Is
  79. ’Tis the Voice of Mer­cy Calls Thee
  80. Together All Things Work for Good
  81. Waiting for Je­sus, and Lov­ing While Wait­ing
  82. We Speak of the Mer­cy of God
  83. When God Be­gins His Gra­cious Work
  84. When the Sav­ior Said, ’Tis Fi­nished
  85. Whispers of Thy Love Di­vine, The
  86. Who Can Praise the Bless­èd God?
  87. Why Those Fears, Poor Trem­bling Sin­ner?
  88. Without a Cloud Be­tween
  89. Yet Awhile; How Sweet the Thought

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