?- circa 1786

Needham was the son of John Need­ham, Bap­tist min­is­ter of Hitch­in, Hert­ford­shire, Eng­land.

He was doubt­less ed­u­cat­ed by his fa­ther, who was a tu­tor and in re­pute as a learned man.

In 1746, Need­ham moved to Bris­tol, where in 1750 he be­came co-pas­tor with John Bed­dome at the Bap­tist meet­ing house in Pith­ay. Two years lat­er, Bed­dome hav­ing re­tired, a vi­o­lent con­tro­ver­sy arose with­in the church re­gard­ing the co-pas­tor sys­tem.

As a re­sult, Need­ham and a num­ber of his friends moved to a Bap­tist meet­ing house in Cal­low­hill Street, where a Mr. Foot was pas­tor. For a time the two groups used the same build­ing at dif­fer­ent hours, but in 1755 they unit­ed, with Need­ham and Foot as co-pas­tors. The ar­range­ment con­tin­ued at least to 1774, but both Need­ham and Foot died by 1787.

Needham’s works in­clude:

  1. Adore, Ye Saints, the King of Love
  2. Alas! How Faul­ty Are the Best
  3. Almighty God the Hea­vens Pro­claim
  4. Amazing Love! God Has Not Spared
  5. Ascend, My Soul, with Will­ing Steps
  6. Ashamed of Christ! My Soul Dis­dains
  7. Author of Life! With Grate­ful Heart
  8. Awake! Awake! Arise!
  9. Awake, My Slug­gish Soul, Awake
  10. Awake, My Soul, and Glad­ly Sing
  11. Awake, My Soul, Cast Off thy Sloth
  12. Awake, My Soul, Lift Up Thy Eyes
  13. Awake, My Soul, Rouse All Thy Pow­ers
  14. Awake, My Tongue, Thy Tri­bute Bring
  15. Behold, from Realms of Light
  16. Behold God’s Dear­est Son
  17. Behold, He Comes—The Judge Ap­pears
  18. Behold How Par­ents’ Bow­els Move
  19. Behold the Chris­tian War­rior Armed
  20. Behold the Fa­ther’s Match­less Grace
  21. Behold the Lamb of God
  22. Behold the Love of Christ
  23. Behold the Prince of Peace
  24. Behold the Son of God
  25. Behold the Vain, Vo­lup­tu­ous Man
  26. Behold the Won­drous Fight
  27. Blest Are the Saints That Dwell Above
  28. Blest Are the Sons of Peace
  29. Blest Is the Man Whose Hum­ble Faith
  30. Blest Is the Man Who Al­ways Sets
  31. Blest Is the Me­mo­ry of the Just
  32. Blest Land! Where Truth Di­vine­ly Fair
  33. Blest News! To Us a Child Is Born
  34. Blest, O My Sav­ior, Were Those Eyes
  35. Blush, Athe­ists, Blush
  36. Boast Not, Ye No­bles of the Earth
  37. Britons, with Thank­ful Hearts Adore
  38. By Heav’n In­spired the Pro­phets Sing
  39. Canst Thou by Search­ing Find Out God?
  40. Come, All My Pow­ers, Unite
  41. Come, for the King of Hea­ven In­vites
  42. Come Join with Me to Praise the Lord
  43. Come, Let Our Cheer­ful Songs Adore
  44. Come, Let Us Praise Our Hea­ven­ly King
  45. Come, Ye That Have Re­ceived
  46. Come, Ye That Thirst, to Liv­ing Streams
  47. Complaints Be Gone, Ye All Are Vain
  48. Constrained, Ye Saints, by Sac­red Love
  49. Contentment! ’Tis That Art Di­vine
  50. Day, O God, the Night Is Thine, The
  51. Day, the Sol­emn Day Shall Come, The
  52. Deceived by Emp­ty Shows of Bliss
  53. Deluded Souls! Who Think to Find
  54. Eternal God, in Ev­ery Age
  55. Eternal God, thou King Su­preme
  56. Exert, My Soul, Thy Nob­lest Pow­ers
  57. Extended on the Shame­ful Tree
  58. Far from His Fa­ther’s House Be­hold
  59. Father of Lights! Thou Source of Good!
  60. Father of Lights, Thou Source of Love!
  61. Forsake, My Soul, This Mean­er Earth
  62. From Thee, My God, All Bless­ings Spring
  63. General Voice of Men At­tend, The
  64. Glorious Tri­umphs of the Cross, the
  65. Glory to God, Who Reigns Above
  66. Go the Earth, It Loud­ly Speaks
  67. God of My Life! My Heart In­spire
  68. God of Peace! My Soul Ad­mire, The
  69. Gospel, Like An­oth­er Sun, The
  70. Great Au­thor of the Im­mor­tal Mind
  71. Great God! As­sist My Fee­ble Lays
  72. Great God of Grace! Arise and Shine
  73. Great God! Thou First, and Best of All
  74. Great God! Thy Vast and Deep De­signs
  75. Great God! With Awe and with De­light
  76. Great Is the Lord, His Pow­er is Great
  77. Great Par­ent of the Un­i­verse
  78. Had I the Tongues Which An­gels Use
  79. Hail Hap­py Morn! Whose Ear­ly Ray
  80. Happy Be­yond De­scrip­tion He
  81. Hark! From the Gar­den Comes a Sound
  82. Happy the Man Whose Cau­tious Steps
  83. Happy, Thrice Hap­py Is the Man!
  84. He Bleeds, the Sav­ior Bleeds and Dies
  85. He Bled—The Sav­ior Bled and Died
  86. He Lives, the Great Re­deem­er Lives
  87. He Reigns—th’Al­migh­ty Reigns Su­preme
  88. Hear, Mor­tals, Hear, ’Tis Wis­dom Speaks
  89. Hear While the Saint His Tri­umph Sings
  90. Heart De­ject­ed Sighs to Know, The
  91. He’ll Come, the Judge Will Sure­ly Come
  92. Holy and Rev­er­end Is the Name
  93. Honor from Blood Let Mor­tals Claim
  94. How Con­des­cend­ing, and How Good
  95. How Glo­ri­ous, Lord, Are All Thy Works
  96. How Hap­py Are the Saints
  97. How Litt­le We Poor Mor­tals Know
  98. How Match­less, Lord, Thy Glo­ries Are!
  99. How Rich­ly, Lord, Dost Thou Dis­pense?
  100. How Var­i­ous Are Thy Works, O Lord!
  101. How Won­drous Pure the Gos­pel Is
  102. I Come, the Great Re­deem­er Cries
  103. Icy Chains That Bound the Earth, The
  104. I’ll Wait on Thee, My God
  105. Immortal Pearls! De­light­ful Found
  106. In Joy­ful Strains Ye Bri­tons Sing
  107. In Out­ward Forms and Cost­ly Gifts
  108. In Vain, Great God! In Vain I Try
  109. It Is My Sav­ior’s Voice I Hear
  110. It Must Be So—’Tis Hea­ven’s De­cree
  111. Jehovah Reigns, Thou Earth Re­joice
  112. Jesus, De­light­ful Name!
  113. Jesus Is Gone With­in the Veil
  114. Jesus, How Pre­cious Is Thy Name!
  115. Jesus, My Con­des­cend­ing Lord
  116. Jesus, the Great High Priest, Be­hold
  117. Jesus This Feast Pro­vides
  118. Jesus, Why Should We Eat and Drink?
  119. Jesus the King His Ta­ble Spreads
  120. Join Voic­es, All Ye Saints, and Sing
  121. Kind Are the Words That Je­sus Speaks
  122. Let a Gay Thought­less World Des­pise
  123. Let Jews and Greeks the Cross Blas­pheme
  124. Let Jews and Greeks My Sav­ior Scorn
  125. Let My Blest Sav­ior’s Doc­trines Give
  126. Let Not the Hum­ble Saint Des­pair
  127. Let Na­ture Feel Some Deep­er Wound
  128. Let Su­per­sti­tion’s Gloomy Sons
  129. Let the Un­think­ing Ma­ny Cry
  130. Listen, My Soul, the King of Heav’n
  131. Long as I Live, Thy Praise, My God
  132. Long Had the Na­tions Sat
  133. Look Up, My Soul, Di­rect Thy Eyes
  134. Look Up, Ye Mourn­ing Saints, and View
  135. Lord, Ere the Heav­en­ly Seed Is Sown
  136. Lord, Thro’ the Du­bi­ous Paths of Life
  137. Lord, ’Tis Be­yond the Pow­ers of Sense
  138. Lord, Wast Thou Strict to Mark Our Crimes
  139. Mark How the Swift Wing­ed Min­utes Fly
  140. Methinks the Last Great Day Is Come
  141. Misled by Er­ror, Ad­am’s Sons
  142. Mortals, Give Ear
  143. Most Ho­ly God, Thou Judge Su­preme
  144. Mount Up, My Thoughts, and Cheer­ful View
  145. My God, I Own Thy Right Di­vine
  146. My God, My Times Are in Thy Hands
  147. My God, of Ev­ery Good the Spring
  148. My Sav­ior’s Works All Glo­ri­ous Shine
  149. My Soul, My Grate­ful Pow­ers Awake
  150. My Soul Pur­sues No Vul­gar Theme
  151. Night Is Past, the Dole­ful Shades, The
  152. No Rod of Ven­geance Je­sus Takes
  153. Nor Law, nor Pro­phets to De­stroy
  154. Not to His Heav’n the God of Grace
  155. Not for a Fad­ing Crown We Strive
  156. Not from Re­lent­less Fate’s Dark Womb
  157. Not Names, nor Forms, nor Modes of Faith
  158. Now Let the Church Glad Hom­age Pay
  159. Now, Lord, the Heav­en­ly Seed Is Sown
  160. O Bless­ed Souls That Feel!
  161. O for a Tongue Like Those Above!
  162. O Hap­py Time! Aus­pi­cious Morn!
  163. O How En­dear­ing Is the Name
  164. O Stu­pid Na­za­reth! Not to See
  165. Of All the Pas­sions of the Mind
  166. Once Was the Great Re­deem­er Plunged
  167. Our Earth­ly Friend­ships, What Are They?
  168. Pardon—O Sweet Re­viv­ing Word!
  169. Peace! ’Tis a Word of Heav­en­ly Sound
  170. Pilgrims and Strang­ers on the Earth
  171. Plain Is the Road, My God
  172. Prepare, Ye Saints, to Meet Your Lord
  173. Praise Ye the Lord, My Soul Shall Praise
  174. Prince of Peace Is Come, The
  175. Pursue, My Soul, the Won­drous Theme
  176. Quit, O My Soul, the Earth
  177. Quit, O My Soul, Thy Earth­ly Cares
  178. Redemption! ’Tis a Glo­ri­ous Scheme
  179. Redemption! O Blest News for Man!
  180. Religion Ne’er by Art Was Formed
  181. Rise, O My Soul, Pur­sue the Path
  182. Rolling Year, Al­migh­ty God, The
  183. Salvation—O the Pleas­ing Sound!
  184. Searcher of Hearts, Thy Pierc­ing Eye
  185. See Ga­bri­el Swift Des­cend to Earth
  186. See Is­ra­el’s Sons their Coasts Around
  187. See How the Haugh­ty Pha­ri­see
  188. See How the Lit­tle Toil­ing Ant
  189. Strange! That the Child­ren of This World
  190. Strange! O My Sav­ior, That Blind Zeal
  191. Sun in His Un­wear­ied Course, the
  192. Sun Is Set—The Day That’s Past
  193. Surprised I View My Sav­ior’s Life
  194. Sweet Fruits Af­flic­tions Bring
  195. Tabor, Thy Won­ders Still We View
  196. There Is a Ci­ty Large and Fair
  197. There Is a Hea­ven­ly Par­a­dise
  198. This Do in Me­mo­ry of Your Lord
  199. This Is the Feast That Je­sus Makes
  200. This Sac­red Feast We Keep
  201. Thou Art, O God! A Spir­it Pure
  202. Thou Rul­est Su­preme, Al­migh­ty God
  203. Thro’ the Wide World Thy Glo­ries, Lord
  204. Thus Sa­ith the High and Lof­ty One
  205. Thy Good­ness, Lord, Shall Be My Song
  206. Thy Good­ness, Lord, How Great!
  207. Thy In­flu­ence, Migh­ty God, Is Felt
  208. Time by Hea­ven Fore­told Is Come, The
  209. Time Draws Nigh, My Soul, The
  210. ’Tis Fin­ished—O Im­port­ant Word!
  211. ’Tis Fin­ished, the Re­deem­er Cries
  212. ’Tis Na­ture’s Voice Which Rea­son Speaks
  213. ’Tis the Lord’s Day, Awake, My Soul
  214. To God the Lord New Songs Ad­dress
  215. To Je­sus, Our As­cend­ing King
  216. To Praise the Ev­er Boun­te­ous Lord
  217. To Thee, My God, Thou Source of Good!
  218. Today At­tend, Ye Sons of Men
  219. Unhappy Youth! Whose Steps No More
  220. Upheld, My God, by Thine Own Hand
  221. Vain World, with All Thy Bu­sy Cares
  222. We Sing Our Sav­ior’s Love
  223. We Sing the Hon­ors of the Day
  224. Well—’Tis an Emp­ty Dream I See
  225. Well—’Tis a Dull and Te­di­ous Round
  226. Were All the Tongues of Men My Own
  227. What Can We Find Be­neath the Sun?
  228. What Is There on This Earth­ly Ball?
  229. What Joy Pos­sessed My Heart!
  230. What Rest on Earth? O Emp­ty Dream!
  231. What Won­der’s This? Me­thinks I See
  232. What Won­drous Love Is This?
  233. When Gen­tle Spring Re­news the Earth
  234. When I Re­view Thy Mer­cies, Lord
  235. When in the Clear­er Light of Faith
  236. When I with Cu­ri­ous Eyes Sur­vey
  237. When Is­ra­el’s Sons, a Mur­mur­ing Race
  238. When Men, Pre­tend­ing to Be Wise
  239. When Pi­ous La­za­rus Breathed His Last
  240. When So­dom’s Rich but Guilty Plains
  241. When Some Kind Shep­herd from His Fold
    • Oh, How Di­vine, How Sweet the Joy
  242. When the Whole Earth Be­came Cor­rupt
  243. Whence, O My Soul, These Gloomy Fears?
  244. Whence, O My Soul, This Dread of Death?
  245. Why Are Not Sin­ners, Lord, Con­sumed?
  246. Why Should I Be So Ve­ry Fond?
  247. Why Should the Saint Be Grieved to Find?
  248. Wondrous Pow­er of Faith Di­vine, The
  249. Wisdom, How Beau­te­ous Is Her Form
  250. Ye Anx­ious Cares, For­sake My Breast
  251. Ye Hum­ble Fol­low­ers of the Lamb
  252. Ye Hum­ble Saints Pro­claim Abroad
  253. Ye Lands of Ev­ery Tongue and Name
  254. Ye Pi­ous Souls O’er­whelmed with Woes
  255. Ye Saints and Serv­ants of the Lord
  256. Ye Saints That Love the Lord
  257. Ye Saints the Man of Sor­rows View
  258. Ye Serv­ants of the Lord
  259. Ye Sons of Ad­am Join
  260. Ye Young­er Tribes of Ad­am’s Race
  261. Yes—They Are Blest, the Dead Are Blest
  262. Zeal, ’Tis a Sweet and Charm­ing Name
  263. Zion, Be­hold Your King