September 6, 1781, London, England.

August 9, 1861, Nice, France.


Novello’s father was Ital­i­an, his mother Eng­lish. As a boy, he was a chorister at the Sar­di­ni­an chapel in Duke Street, Lin­coln’s Inn Fields, where he learned to play the organ.

From 1796–1822 he became, in succession, organist of the Sar­din­i­an, Span­ish (Man­ches­ter Square) and Por­tu­guese (South Street, Gros­ve­nor Square) chapels, and from 1840–43 of St. Mary’s Chapel, Moor­fields.

He also taught music privately throughout his career. One of his notable pupils was musicologist and music critic Ed­ward Holmes. In addition, No­vel­lo studied organ under Sam­u­el Webbe, and played the organ at the Por­tu­guese embassy.

In 1811, he founded No­vel­lo and Company, and was a charter member of the Phil­har­mon­ic Society. In 1847, he retired to Nice, and his son Joseph Alfred took over No­vel­lo and Com­pa­ny.

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Novello’s burial place