October 10, 1841, Frank­lin Coun­ty, Ohio.

October 14, 1897, To­le­do, Ohio.

Wood­lawn Cem­e­tery, To­le­do, Ohio.

When Og­den was six years old, his fam­i­ly moved to In­di­a­na. He be­gan stu­dy­ing mu­sic in lo­cal sing­ing schools at age 8, and could read church mu­sic fair­ly well by age 10. A lit­tle later, he could write a mel­o­dy by hear­ing it sung or played. When he was 18, he be­came a chor­is­ter in his home church.

At the out­break of the Am­er­i­can ci­vil war, Og­den en­list­ed in the 30th In­di­a­na Vol­un­teer In­fan­try. Dur­ing the war, he or­gan­ized a male choir, which be­came well known through­out the Ar­my of the Cum­ber­land.

After the war, Og­den re­turned home and re­sumed his mu­sic­al stu­dies. Among his teach­ers were Low­ell Ma­son, Thom­as Has­tings, E. E. Bai­ly, and Ben­ja­min F. Bak­er, pre­si­dent of the Bos­ton Mu­sic School.

As his skills de­vel­oped, Og­den issued his first song book, The Sil­ver Song, in 1870; it be­came im­mense­ly pop­u­lar, sel­ling 500,000 copies. He went on to pub­lish num­er­ous other song books.

In addition to com­pos­ing, Ogden taught at ma­ny schools in Am­er­i­ca and Can­a­da. In 1887, he became su­per­in­tend­ent of mu­sic in the pu­blic schools of To­le­do, Ohio.

Ogden’s  works in­clude:

  1. Baptize Us Anew
  2. Birth of Christ the Lord
  3. Everlasting Life
  4. He Is Able to Deliver Thee
  5. I’ve a Message from the Lord
  6. On a Christmas Morn­ing
  7. Power to Save
  8. Ring Out the Bells for Christ­mas
  9. Scattering Precious Seed
  10. Seeking the Lost
  11. Unto You Is Ev­er­last­ing Life
  12. Where He Leads I’ll Fol­low
  13. Working, O Christ, with Thee
  1. All Things Are Rea­dy
  2. Bright and Morn­ing Star, The
  3. Bright For­ev­er­more, The
  4. Bring Them In
  5. Clark’s Grove
  6. College Sta­tion
  7. Come to the Feast
  8. Eye of Faith, The
  9. Gather Them into the Fold
  10. Gathering Home
  11. Go Tell the Glad Tid­ings
  12. Gracious Re­deem­er, The
  13. Keep Step with the Mas­ter
  14. More Than Con­quer­ors
  15. South Bend
  16. Star in the East
  17. Steer To­ward the Light
  18. Suffer the Child­ren to Come
  19. Tell It Out with a Shout
  20. There Is Joy
  21. We’ll Work