March 16, 1870, Skåne, Swe­den.

Oc­to­ber 6, 1958, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Ri­ver­side Ce­me­te­ry, Rock Is­land, Il­li­nois.

Olson’s fa­mi­ly em­i­grat­ed to Am­er­i­ca in 1875.

After at­tend­ing Au­gus­ta­na Col­lege, Rock Is­land, Il­li­nois, he worked for Swed­ish news­pa­pers, and for a pub­lish­er in Chi­ca­go. He served as ed­it­or of the Au­gus­ta­na Book Con­cern, 1911–49.

He wrote four orig­in­al hymns, and trans­lat­ed al­most 30 more. He was a mem­ber of the Au­gus­ta­na Hym­nal Com­mit­tee, which pub­lished its Hymn­al and Or­der of Ser­vice in 1925. Ma­ny of his trans­la­tions ap­peared there, but his trans­lat­or cre­dits ap­peared in the in­dex ra­ther on the in­di­vid­u­al pag­es.

Ol­son was al­so on the Joint Com­mis­sion on a Com­mon Hym­nal, which led to the pub­li­cation of the Ser­vice Book and Hym­nal in 1958.

In 1948, the King of Swe­den made Ol­son a knight of the Roy­al Or­der of Va­sa.

His works in­clude:

  1. Behold, by Sov­ereign Grace Alone
  2. Glorious Yule­tide
  3. Jesus, Let My Fin­al Rest
  4. Mine Eyes un­to the Moun­tains
  1. Ajar the Tem­ple Gates Are Swing­ing
  2. All Hail to Thee, O Bless­èd Morn!
  3. Blessèd, Bless­èd He Who Know­eth
  4. Children of the Heav­en­ly Fa­ther (1925)
  5. Come, O Je­sus, and Pre­pare Me
  6. Come, O Sin­ner, All Is Rea­dy
  7. Great Joy and Con­so­la­tion
  8. Heavenly Light, Be­nign­ly Beam­ing
  9. I Near the Grave, Wher­e’er I Go
  10. In the Tem­ple Where Our Fa­thers
  11. In Tri­umph Our Re­deem­er
  12. Jerusalem, Lift Up Thy Voice
  13. Jesus, in My Walk and Liv­ing
  14. Lord, Dis­perse the Mists of Er­ror
  15. Lord! Thou Source of All Per­fect­ion
  16. Merciful Sav­ior, Come and Be My Com­fort
  17. Mute Are the Plead­ing Lips of Him
  18. Now Hail We Our Re­deem­er
  19. O Je­sus Christ, Thou Bread of Life
  20. O Lord, Give Ear un­to Our Plea
  21. Praise the Lord, Each Tribe and Na­tion
  22. Savior Is Ris­en, The
  23. Sign of the Cross, The
  24. Strike Up, O Harp and Psal­te­ry!
  25. Thine Ag­o­ny, O Lord, Is O’er
  26. Thy Sacr­ed Word, O Lord, of Old
  27. Unto the Lord of All Cre­a­tion
  28. Voice, a Heav’n­ly Voice I Hear!, A
  29. Wake, Arise! A Voice Ap­pal­ling
  30. When the Ves­per Bells Are Call­ing
  31. With God and His Mer­cy, His Spir­it, and Word

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