Ju­ly 21, 1829, Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

De­cem­ber 5, 1907, Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

Green­mount Ce­me­te­ry, Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

Owens taught in Bal­ti­more for al­most half a cen­tu­ry, in­clud­ing Sun­day school at the Un­ion Square Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal Church.

Most of her hymns were writ­ten for her Sun­day school stu­dents. Much of her po­et­ry ap­peared in the Meth­od­ist Pro­test­ant and the Christ­ian Stan­dard.

  1. Above the Day’s Dec­lin­ing
  2. Above the Songs of Hea­ven
  3. Above the Storms of Earth
  4. Are You Christ’s Light Bear­er?
  5. As the Dove o’er the Delu­ge
  6. As We Tra­vel on from Day to Day
  7. At the Hand of Je­sus
  8. Banner Dyed with Roy­al Blood
  9. Battles Now Are End­ed, The
  10. Be of Good Cheer!
  11. Blest Leaves of Heal­ing
  12. Break the Chain
  13. Brightly Glow­ing, Joy Be­stow­ing
  14. Bring the Child­ren from Afar
  15. Busy Week Is Past, The
  16. Calm and Blest Be Thy Rest
  17. Children Let Us Join and Sing
  18. Choose You This Day
  19. Christ Has Aris­en
  20. Christ Has Come!
  21. Christ Is Found, The
  22. Christ, Our King, Is Born To­day
  23. Christmas Chimes Awake the Morn, The
  24. City of Re­fuge Awaits Thee, The
  25. Come Back to Thy Shep­herd
  26. Come, Come, Come
  27. Come Join Our Gall­ant Ranks
  28. Counting Your Trea­sure
  29. Death-Bells Toll­ing, Toll­ing, Toll­ing
  30. Distant Lands Are Wait­ing Now
  31. Do Not Take Away Our Sab­bath
  32. Earnestly Liv­ing, Pray­er­ful­ly
  33. Easter Dawns in Glad­ness
  34. Eternity Is Dawn­ing
  35. Evermore Fly the Mo­ments
  36. Every Day My Soul Is Hap­py
  37. Faith Builds Her Foun­da­tion
  38. Faithful For­ev­er
  39. Freemen and Friends
  40. From Dist­ant Lands Ap­peal­ing
  41. From the Harps That Swell
  42. Gallant and Glor­i­ous, March­ing Afar
  43. Gather and Band for the Right
  44. Gathering Jew­els
  45. Gath’ring Li­lies in the Morn­ing
  46. Give Glo­ry to Je­sus, Who Lives and Reigns
  47. Give Me the Bi­ble
  48. Give Me the Bi­ble, for I Need Its Liv­ing Pro­mise
  49. Glad as the Morn­ing
  50. Glad To­day, a Thou­sand Songs Are Ring­ing
  51. Go, Tell the Na­tions Christ Is King
  52. Go Up High­er, Chris­tian Soul
  53. God Bless Our Sab­bath School
  54. God in His Mer­cy Our Time Doth Re­new
  55. God Is Love
  56. Golden Gates, Ye Glist­en
  57. Grace Be with All That Love Je­sus Our Lord
  58. Growing Up for Je­sus
  59. Hallelujah to Je­sus! His Praise Let Us Sing
  60. Happy Pil­grims, as You Jour­ney
  61. Have Ye Seen the Star That Was Bright Above?
  62. Have You Po­ver­ty and Sor­row?
  63. Have You Some­thing Good to Tell Us?
  64. He That Go­eth Forth and Weeps
  65. Hear the An­gels Sing Above the Star­ry Night
  66. Hear the Ear­nest In­vi­ta­tion
  67. Hear the Wel­come Bells of Hea­ven
  68. Here’s a Pledge We Of­fer
  69. Holy Ri­ver Tide of Glad­ness
  70. How Goes the Bat­tle, Bro­ther?
  71. How Much Ow­est Thou un­to the Lord?
  72. How Sweet and Fair Is the Sum­mer Land
  73. How Sweet in Child­hood’s Glad­some Spring
  74. I Am Sa­tis­fied, My Sav­ior
  75. I Heard a Voice, a Migh­ty Voice
  76. I Look to the Glo­ry Be­yond
  77. I Love to Be Found When the Sab­bath Rolls Round
  78. I Need a Pre­sent Sav­ior
  79. I Wan­dered in Dark­ness
  80. I Will Bless the Lord at All Times
  81. I Would Ask for One Gift
  82. I Would Be a Christ­mas Bell
  83. I’ll Bless Thee Ev­ery Day, O Lord
  84. I’m Go­ing Home to Hea­ven, Bright Hea­ven
  85. I’m Not Afraid to Trust in Je­sus
  86. In My Soul Is the Ben­e­dict­ion
  87. In Storms of Fear and Floods of Grief
  88. In the Sun­day School Ar­my
  89. Is That a Cry from a Storm-Tossed Bark?
  90. It Is Not That the Ci­ty Is Glo­ri­ous
  91. Jesus Is the Child­ren’s Friend
  92. Jesus List­ened to Child­ren’s Sing­ing
  93. Jesus, On­ly Jesus, Makes My Heart Re­joice
  94. Jesus Saves
  95. Joy! Joy! Joy! Won­der­ful Joy, Won­der­ful Joy
  96. Keep Look­ing un­to Je­sus as We March Along
  97. Keep Me, Lord, Not from Tri­al
  98. Kingdom of Christ, The
  99. Laughing on the Moun­tains
  100. Learn of Je­sus, Teach­er, Kneel­ing
  101. Let Us Praise Our God
  102. Let Us Sing ere We Rest from Our La­bors
  103. Lifeguards, Life­guards
  104. Lift Thine Eyes u­nto the Hills
  105. Lift Your Stan­dard True and Bright
  106. Little Child­ren, Come to Me
  107. Little Flow­er Bells
  108. Living for Je­sus
  109. Living or Dy­ing, Lord, I Am Thine
  110. Look Away from Thy­self
  111. Look Out for the En­e­my
  112. Low at the Mer­cy Seat I Plead
  113. Make a Gar­land for the Sav­ior
  114. Make Thy Choice in Ear­ly Youth
  115. Many Gifts Our Lord Has Given
  116. Marching on Against the Foe
  117. Meet Me at the King’s Right Hand
  118. My Father Has Sent for His Child
  119. My Grace Is Suf­fi­cient for Thee
  120. My Light and My Strength
  121. My Pilgrim Path from Day to Day
  122. My Soul, Hope Al­ways in Thy God
  123. My Soul Shall Make Her Joy­ful Boast
  124. My Soul Would Tell of the Sav­ior’s Love
  125. Now All the Songs Are End­ed
  126. Now Boys, At­tend
  127. Now, Where Shall Bread Enough Be
  128. O Christ, Our Lord, ’Twas a Night of Tears
  129. O, De­tain Me Not
  130. O Jesus, to Live On­ly Thine
  131. O Lord, on Thee the Na­tions Wait
  132. O Pil­grim on Life’s De­sert
  133. O Ran­somed Hosts
  134. O Tell Me Not to Pause
  135. O the Hearts Are Cold
  136. O the Peace That Fills My Soul
  137. O the Rain­bow Land
  138. O Turn Not Back in the Chris­tian Race
  139. O Watch­ing Stars, Re­joice To­night
  140. Oh, Faith­ful Vet­er­ans of the Cross
  141. On Cal­v’ry’s Moun­tain
  142. Once More, Once More with Glad­some Voice
  143. Once More the Waves of Time
  144. One Name Shall Ec­ho
  145. Only a Cup of Wa­ter
  146. Only Thy Voice to Lead Me
  147. Our Hea­ven­ly Ha­bi­ta­tion
  148. Precious Crown, A
  149. Ransomed Soul Re­turns, A
  150. Reject Not the Mas­ter
  151. Remember the Years at God’s Right Hand
  152. Rise Up, Glad Voic­es
  153. Satisfy Us Ear­ly
  154. Savior Was Sleep­ing, The
  155. Say, What Theme of Rap­ture Sweet
  156. Say, Who Are Those Lit­tle Feet?
  157. Search the Scrip­tures
  158. See the Flag of Je­sus o’er the Earth
  159. See, the Sun Is High in Hea­ven
  160. Set the Watch, Trim the Lamps
  161. Shall We Ov­er­come on Life’s Bat­tle­field
  162. Shine, Chris­tian, Shine
  163. Soldiers of Je­sus, Speak for Your Lord
  164. Soldiers of Je­sus, Who Fol­low His Stan­dard
  165. Speak a Good Word for the Mas­ter
  166. Speed On, Speed On, Thou Mis­sion Bark
  167. Stand Fast, Stand Fast
  168. Star Has Ris­en the World to Bless, A
  169. Star of the Pi­lot
  170. Stop! Stop the Train!
  171. Sweet Is the Name of My Lord
  172. Take the Bi­ble, Teach­er
  173. Take the Sure Foun­da­tion
  174. Take This Watch­word for Each Day
  175. Take Up the Cross in Youth
  176. Thank God, and Take Cour­age
  177. There Is Joy
  178. There Rolled Through Time a Migh­ty Voice
  179. There’s a Love­ly Har­bor of Peace and Rest
  180. This Our Con­stant Mot­to Be
  181. This World’s a Field of Bat­tle
  182. Though the Days Be Dark and Drea­ry
  183. To My Youth Came a Voice
  184. Turn Thy Steps
  185. Victorious
  186. Voices of Glad­ness Join in the Strain
  187. Waves of Life So Free­ly Flow­ing
  188. Waves Roll High the Clouds, The
  189. Waving Green Branch­es in Joy­ous Ac­cord
  190. We Are Cheer­ful Work­ers
  191. We Are Go­ing Home to Glo­ry
  192. We Are Little Blos­soms
  193. We Are Not Re­deemed with Vain Sil­ver or Gold
  194. We Dwell in a Fleet­ing, Chang­ing Clime
  195. We Have a Pre­sent Sav­ior
  196. We Have an An­chor
  197. We Have Heard of a Mo­narch
  198. We Have Heard Sal­va­tion’s Joy­ful Sound
  199. We Need Not Wan­der Wide
  200. We Will Lift the Ho­ly Ban­ner
  201. We Would See Je­sus
  202. Welcome Sab­bath Morn­ing
  203. Welcome, Thrice Wel­come
  204. We’re a Band of Bu­sy Glean­ers
  205. We’re March­ing to Mount Zi­on
  206. What a Hope We Have
  207. What Ar­mor Must He Wear
  208. What Did the An­gel Say?
  209. What Towe­rs Are Those That Rise?
  210. What Wilt Thou Do When the Jor­dan Is Swell­ing?
  211. Whatever Sor­rows Grieve Thee
  212. When En­e­mies In­vade, to Je­sus I Will Flee
  213. When Round Thee, Soul, Temp­ta­tions Rise
  214. When Sail­ing o’er Time’s Rest­less Sea
  215. When Shall Each Dist­ant Na­tion
  216. While Thy Cheeks with Health
  217. Who Left for Us a Throne
  218. Who Left Us for a Throne in Hea­ven
  219. Who Shall Roll Away the Stone?
  220. Whole Wide World for Je­sus, The
  221. Why Are Child­ren Sing­ing?
  222. With a World of Foes Around
  223. World Was Like a Stor­my Night, The
  224. Would I Had Been at Beth­le­hem
  225. Wouldst Thou Have Joy?
  226. Youth Is a Hap­py Spring
  227. Youth, Re­mem­ber Thy Cre­at­or
  228. Youthful Vol­un­teers
  229. Zion Need Not Fear Though Ma­ny Foes

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