De­cem­ber 27, 1868, Frank­lin Coun­ty, Al­a­ba­ma.

June 15, 1932, Birm­ing­ham, Al­a­ba­ma.

Educated in the pub­lic schools, Patton be­gan stu­dy­ing mu­sic at age 12. He was elect­ed cho­ris­ter of his church and Sun­day school at age 15, and be­gan teach­ing sing­ing schools at age 17.

In 1891, he at­tend­ed the Ver­non, Al­a­ba­ma, ses­sion of the South­ern Nor­mal Mu­si­cal In­sti­tute di­rect­ed by An­th­ony Sho­wal­ter, an­oth­er ses­sion in Ed­en, Al­a­ba­ma, in 1893, and re­ceived his di­plo­ma at Sho­wal­ter’s home in Dal­ton, Geor­gia, in 1895.

He helped Sho­wal­ter ed­it the Re­vi­val Choir in 1894, and worked on sev­er­al song books af­ter­ward. He even­tu­al­ly be­came vice pre­si­dent of the Sho­wal­ter-Pat­ton Com­pa­ny, and a di­rec­tor of the A. J. Sho­wal­ter Com­pa­ny. Sho­wal­ter’s 1904 book said he now teach­es more nor­mal mu­sic schools than any oth­er man liv­ing.

Patton’s works in­clude:

  1. Levallois
  2. Swing Op­en the Beau­ti­ful Gates

Patton’s burial place