Ap­ril 14, 1875, Easton, Maryland.

De­cem­ber 24, 1949, Lewes, Delaware.

Spring Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Easton, Maryland.


Poole’s ancestors for several generations were Maryland Quakers, but his parents after marriage joined the Methodist denomination. Of the three children born to them, two were Methodist ministers, and the third a Methodist class leader.

Poole attended Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. He was ordained a Methodist minister in 1900, and pastored in the Wilmington Conference for 35 years. He served at the McCabe Memorial, Richardson Park, and other churches. In 1913, he was Superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Delaware.

Concerning his hymn writing, Poole said:

My first appearance in print outside of local papers was in 1907. Since my twelfth year I had been writing verses in old composition books which I carefully concealed. Many of these verses were hymns. It was in 1907 that I ventured to send a manuscript to a prominent publisher and asked if it was worth keeping. They immediately referred me to Charles H. Gab­ri­el, and he asked for more. Among the first lot was Just When I Need Him Most, which immediately became popular.

Since then I have written about five hundred hymns and three hundred other verse manuscripts, besides many special articles, in spare moments of a busy life. They are written on trains, in meetings, and anywhere the mood seizes me…I have been working under high pressure most of the time since I was fifteen years old. While hymn writing does not pay me as compared with other work I will stop a high priced article any time to write a hymn which will help others on the way. If I cannot sing to make others listen, I will write such that they will read.

My real work is that of a minister and pastor. The writing is done as recreation and diversion from responsibilities which might otherwise depress me. The same idea which sends me to my pulpit, sends me to my pen or typewriter—To Help Somebody.

  1. All Around the World Today
  2. All Around the World, Wrong Is Backward Hurled
  3. All I Am Belongs to Jesus
  4. All That I Need
  5. All the Way I’ll Go for Jesus
  6. All to Thee I Bring
  7. Are You Free to Work for Jesus?
  8. Are Your Signals Right?
  9. As Onward I Travel
  10. At Jesus’ Feet I Heard the Word
  11. At the End of the Way is Jesus
  12. At the Roll Call
  13. Back of Every Drop of Rain
  14. Because He Saw Me Far Away
  15. Best News That I Have, The
  16. Better Days Are Coming
  17. Beyond the Clouds That Drift Above
  18. Blessèd Cross
  19. Call of the Christ, The
  20. Calling for Workers
  21. Child Jesus, The
  22. Christ Shall Be King
  23. Church by the Side of the Road, The
  24. Come Home
  25. Come into My Heart, Lord Jesus
  26. Count Me
  27. Day with Him, A
  28. Dear Child of God’s Love
  29. Deep Down in My Heart
  30. Did You Pray Till the Answer Came?
  31. Do It for Jesus Today
  32. Do Not Ask Me to Go Without Jesus
  33. Do the Shadows Gather?
  34. Don’t
  35. Door of Mercy, The
  36. Everlasting Love, The
  37. Every Day the Savior Sends Me Blessings New
  38. Face Toward the Cross
  39. Farther I Walk with Jesus, The
  40. Follow Jesus
  41. Following in the Footprints of My Lord
  42. Following Jesus, My Shepherd Kind
  43. For Mother’s Sake
  44. For the Christ of My Heart
  45. From Shore to Shore
  46. Gardens of God, The
  47. Glad Way Home, A
  48. Glorious Day Is Coming, A
  49. Go Tell Another Soul
  50. Go Tell the Sweet Story
  51. Go to Jesus
  52. God Is Love
  53. God’s Love Is True
  54. God’s Love Will Grow Stronger
  55. God’s Pathways of Blessing
  56. God’s Way
  57. Good Morning to Heaven
  58. Gospel Was Written by Matthew of Old, A
  59. Greatest Name, The
  60. Hand That Holds Me Steady, The
  61. Have You Prayed It Through?
  62. He Brightens the Shadows
  63. He Careth for Me
  64. He Changes the World With His Love
  65. He Did So Much for Me
  66. He Promised to Keep Me
  67. He Shall Reign
  68. He Took My Sins Away
  69. He Will Show Me
  70. Hear the Call of Jesus
  71. Heart of My Heart
  72. Heart of My Jesus
  73. Heaven’s Radio
  74. He’ll Reward Us Up There
  75. Help the Word Along
  76. Homeward Way, The
  77. How Far Shall I Go for the Sheep Astray?
  78. I Am His Today
  79. I Belong for Jesus
  80. I Can Trust
  81. I Do Not Know, I Cannot See
  82. I Find Each Day New Victory
  83. I Find No Fault in Him
  84. I Find the Savior’s Precious
  85. I Have a Savior Who Lightens My Way
  86. I Have Answered the Call
  87. I Have Been to Jesus
  88. I Have Blessings New
  89. I Know It
  90. I Know Who Plans My Onward Way
  91. I Shall See the King
  92. I Will Look for You Up Yonder
  93. I Would Not Live Without Jesus
  94. If in Life’s Tempest by Faith I Can See
  95. If on the Raging Sea
  96. If Tempted to Falter
  97. If We Will
  98. If You Will Trust Him More
  99. I’ll Walk in the Way with Jesus
  100. In Sunshine or Shadow
  101. In That Great Word Whosoever
  102. In the Days of My Youth
  103. In the Garden with Jesus
  104. In the Good Old Way
  105. It Is Here
  106. I’ve Sweet Communion with My Lord
  107. Jesus and I Have Been Friends
  108. Jesus for the World
  109. Jesus Is Worthy
  110. Jesus Lives
  111. Jesus Remembered You
  112. Joy for Me
  113. Just a Little Sunshine
  114. Just Ahead
  115. Just Beyond the Sunset
  116. Just When I Need Him Most
  117. Just Where He Needs Me
  118. Keep Holding On
  119. Keep Me White
  120. Keep the Cross Always in Sight
  121. Kept by the Power of God’s Love
  122. Kept for Thy Use
  123. Lead Me, Dear Savior
  124. Lead On, Bright Star
  125. Like a Beacon Bright
  126. Long Years I Was Struggling
  127. Love-Service
  128. Make Jesus Yours Today
  129. Make Me What You Want Me to Be
  130. Make My Will Thine
  131. Master’s Way, The
  132. Mine Forever
  133. More Like Him
  134. My Faith
  135. My Father’s Way
  136. My Heavenly Father Knows
  137. My Light Is Jesus
  138. My Lord Has Need of Me Today
  139. My Savior Is So Good to Me
  140. Nearer to Jesus
  141. Never Afar from His Children’s Call
  142. Nothing Held Back from Thee, Jesus
  143. O Heart That Was Broken for Me
  144. O Say, Can You Hear It?
  145. O the Glory Untold
  146. O Think of the Work That Is Waiting
  147. Often I Have Wandered in the Dark
  148. On the Road to Heaven
  149. Once I Fought to Conquer Sin
  150. Once I Was Speeding Onward
  151. One Day for Thee
  152. One I Can Trust
  153. One Vision of Jesus
  154. Only a Little Way
  155. Out of the Grave My Savior Came
  156. Praise, Praise, Praise
  157. Room Enough There
  158. Seeing Me Far from the Pathway Astray
  159. Send the Message, Ring It Clear
  160. Send the Power Again
  161. Shelter Me
  162. Shining for You and for Me
  163. Since I Came Home
  164. Singing for Jesus
  165. Some Day When Comes Life’s Setting Sun
  166. Some Glad Sweet Day
  167. Someone Must Tell the Glad Story
  168. Someone Will Be Glad if We Conquer Sin
  169. Something New Each Day
  170. Sometime Life’s Way Will Be Ended
  171. Somewhere They Need You
  172. Sunrise
  173. Sunshine Land, The
  174. Thank You
  175. There Are Mansions Awaiting
  176. There Is Work Everywhere
  177. There’s Only One Way into Heaven
  178. This Day Shall Be God’s Day
  179. Though Raging the Tempest
  180. Through Ages of Years
  181. Thy Will, Not Mine
  182. Till the Work Is Done
  183. To the Front
  184. To the Harvest Field
  185. To Victory for Jesus
  186. Up Calvary There Climbed One Day
  187. Use the Searchlight
  188. Victory Is Here
  189. Volunteers for Jesus
  190. Watch and Pray
  191. We Are Living in a World
  192. What a Smile Will Do
  193. What Is Your Life?
  194. When I Need a Helping Hand
  195. When I See Jesus My King
  196. When I Shall Come to the End of My Way
  197. When I Think of the Christ
  198. When Jesus Reigns Within
  199. When Jesus Walks with Me
  200. When Life’s Questions Are All Answered
  201. When Long Is the Journey and Heavy My Load
  202. When Rages the Battle of Right
  203. When Shall I Come to the End of My Way?
  204. When the Days Are Bright
  205. When the Shadows Shall Flee
  206. When the Whole World Lives
  207. When Thy Life Is Filled with Grief and Care
  208. When We Love Jesus, All Service Is Sweet
  209. When You Are Tempted
  210. When Your Burdens Are Too Heavy
  211. Where Leads the Cross
  212. Where My King Leads On
  213. Where My Savior Leads Me
  214. Where the Fight Is Hardest
  215. Where Thou Leadest Me
  216. Why Should I Linger?
  217. With Jesus We Shall Win
  218. Wonderful Love, from Heaven Above, A
  219. Won’t Somebody Tell Them?
  220. Words of Cheer
  221. Work for All
  222. Yes, We’ll Meet You Over There
  223. You Ask Me How I Know
  224. You May Know Where to Find Me
  225. Your Cross and Mine
  1. Jesus Is God!

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