May 21, 1688, Plough Court, Lom­bard Street, Lon­don, Eng­land.

May 30, 1744, Twick­en­ham, Lon­don, Eng­land.

In the nave of St. Ma­ry the Vir­gin Ca­tho­lic church, Twick­en­ham, London, Eng­land.

Pope was the son of a whole­sale li­nen mer­chant in Lom­bard Street, Lon­don.

His fa­ther, be­ing a Ro­man Ca­tho­lic, first placed him un­der the charge of Fa­ther Ta­vern­er, who taught him the ru­di­ments of Greek and La­tin. Later he at­tend­ed a school at Win­chester, and then at Hyde Park Corner.

Around age 12, he moved with his par­ents to Bin­field, in Wind­sor Forest, and from then on, his ed­u­ca­tion was large­ly in his own hands.

His sub­se­quent success as a wri­ter and po­et is a mat­ter of his­to­ry, and has been dealt with in detail by Dr. John­son, in his Lives of the Po­ets, and oth­ers.

Pope did not write vers­es to be used as hymns, since he was Ca­tho­lic, and his church would not have used Eng­lish lang­uage ma­ter­i­al in wor­ship.

  1. Universal Pray­er
    • Father of All, in Ev­ery Age
    • Father of All, Thou God of Love
    • Not to This Earth’s Con­tract­ed Span
    • Teach Me to Feel An­o­ther’s Woe
    • Thou Great First Cause, Least Un­der­stood
    • When I Am Right Thy Grace Im­part
  2. Vital Spark of Hea­ven­ly Flame
  3. Ye Nymphs of Sol­y­ma! Be­gin the Song
    • As the Good Shep­herd Tends His Flee­cy Care
    • From Jes­se’s Root, Be­hold a Branch Arise
    • Hark! A Glad Voice the Lone­ly De­sert Cheers
    • Rise, Crowned with Light
    • Savior Comes! By An­cient Se­ers Fore­told, The