August 31, 1861, Hiram, Ohio.

March 3, 1921, Hiram, Ohio.

Fairview Cemetery, Hiram, Ohio.


Pounds was in poor health as a child, and received her early education at home. At age 15, she began submitting articles to Cleveland newspapers and various religious publications. In her early years, an editor commented that some of her poetry would make good hymn texts. So began her song writing career. Over her lifetime, she wrote 50 librettos for cantatas and operettas, 9 books, and more than 400 Gospel songs. She collaborated with James Fillmore for three decades.

In 1896, Jessie married John Edwin Pounds (1864–1925), pastor of the Central Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  1. Advance, O Junior Army!
  2. Afar o’er the Hills
  3. All My Life I Give to Him
  4. All Power and Praise to Jesus
  5. All the Way Home
  6. Alone at the Beautiful Gate
  7. America Beloved
  8. America for Christ
  9. Anywhere with Jesus
  10. Anywhere with Jesus I’ll Be Safe
  11. Are You Building on the Rock?
  12. Are You Coming to Jesus Tonight?
  13. Are You Living on the Uplands?
  14. Art Thou Saddened?
  15. At the Wondrous Temple
  16. Back from the Long Ago
  17. Be Glad That the Sunshine Is Somewhere
  18. Be True to the Best You Know
  19. Beautiful Homeland
  20. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
  21. Blessed Cross of Jesus, The
  22. Calling Me over the Tide
  23. Can It Be?
  24. Can It Be That Our Father in Heaven
  25. Can Ye Not Watch One Little Hour?
  26. Can You Sing a Song?
  27. Challenge Thy People
  28. Chief in Ten Thousand, The
  29. Christ All in All
  30. Christ for the World
  31. Christ Is Leading On
  32. Christ Is Mine
  33. Christ Is the Best
  34. City of Dreams, The
  35. Clasp My Hand in Thine
  36. Climbing Upward
  37. Closer to the Cross
  38. Columbia, the Strong to Deliver
  39. Come Inside the Gate
  40. Come Over and Help Us
  41. Dare to Show Your Colors
  42. Dear Is the Hope That the Gospel Reveals
  43. Do Something for Jesus
  44. Do You Love Me More Than These?
  45. Do You See the Beacon Gleaming?
  46. Drifting Down
  47. Drop the Anchor of Hope
  48. Fair Land, for Which My Spirit
  49. Father Has Welcome for All, The
  50. Few Brief Years Forevermore, A
  51. For Our Needed Daily Bread
  52. Forbid That We Forget
  53. Forth to the Conflict
  54. Friends Who Have Loved Me
  55. From a Vessel in Mid Ocean
  56. Gates Are Ajar for Thee, The
  57. Gifts of God, The
  58. Go Forth, Go Forth
  59. Go Forth to the Reaping
  60. Go Ye into All the World
  61. God Can Hear My Infant Prayer
  62. God of the Harvest, Praises to Thee
  63. God’s Mansions Are Open
  64. Going On
  65. Happy Songs of Jubilee
  66. Hark, the Jubilant Songs of the Children
  67. Haven of the Soul, The
  68. He Cometh, the Shiloh Expected Long
  69. He Is Coming
  70. He Set the Task for Me
  71. Hear Us While We Pray
  72. Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand
  73. Heaven After Earth
  74. Help Me, Lord, to Look to Thee
  75. Holy Father, Be Thou Nigh
  76. How Do You Do?
  77. I Am Afraid to Walk Alone
  78. I Am Dreaming Now of Heaven
  79. I Am Going on with Jesus
  80. I Cannot Keep from Singing
  81. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
  82. I Love to Think of Jesus
  83. I Want to Belong to Jesus
  84. I Want to Get Closer
  85. I Want to Live Closer to Jesus
  86. I Want to Sing, as the Children Sing
  87. I Will Tell of the Savior Who Died
  88. If It Were Not So
  89. In the Arms of Jesus Resting
  90. In the Happy Home
  91. In the Harbor
  92. In the Secret Place with Jesus
  93. In the Shadow of the Rock
  94. In the Valley of Silence
  95. Is My Name Written There?
  96. It Is Not Very Far Away
  97. It Is Worthwhile to Fight
  98. Joy Among the Angels
  99. Keep Singing in the Morning
  100. Keep Step in the March for the Truth
  101. Kingdom of Earth May Be Pleased at Thy Feet, The
  102. Land of Plenty, Land of Beauty
  103. Land Where Dreams Come True, The
  104. Lead Me Farther from Temptation
  105. Let Us Press Toward the Mark
  106. Life Is Not a Feast of Gladness
  107. Like Jesus
  108. Like the Sound of Mighty Thunders
  109. Little Crusaders, The
  110. Lord, for Thee with Hearts So Willing
  111. Lord of the Nations, Father of All
  112. Lord’s Good Time Is Coming, The
  113. Lowly Is King, The
  114. Master, Hast Thou Work for Me?
  115. Messengers of Jesus
  116. Missionary Battle Hymn
  117. More and Better Work for Jesus
  118. Morning Stars Will Sing Again, The
  119. My Redeemer Walks Beside Me
  120. My Wonderful Dream
  121. Nations Are Asking, The
  122. Near the Kingdom
  123. Never Say No When the Lord Says Go
  124. No Eye Hath Seen the Treasures
  125. Not by Night or by Power
  126. Not Far from the Kingdom
  127. O Brother, When You Weary Grow
  128. O Chain of Love That Yet Shall Bind
  129. O City Old, in Land Afar
  130. O Cross of Grief and Anguish Sore
  131. O Cross upon Mount Calvary
  132. O Life in Whom Is Life Indeed
  133. O Mighty Lord, Stay By!
  134. O Scattered Seeds of Loving Deeds
  135. O Sinner, the City of Refuge Is Nigh
  136. O the Yesterday’s Moments
  137. O Thou Blessed Gift from Heaven
  138. O Thou Who Dost Care for My Soul
  139. O Welcome Sunday Morning
  140. Onward into Galilee
  141. Onward to Victory
  142. Our Pennies and Our Prayers
  143. Out of Sadness into Gladness
  144. Out of the Pain of the World
  145. Out to the Conflict
  146. Out in the Desert I Heard
  147. Passing Through the Gate
  148. Peace Through the Cross Shall Come
  149. Place in the Ranks for Me, A
  150. Praise Ye the Great Jehovah
  151. Ring the Bells
  152. Roses Blow and Roses Fall
  153. Seeds of Promise
  154. Shall I Then Be Satisfied?
  155. Shiloh Has Come
  156. Shine Where You Are
  157. Should the Forward March Be Echoed
  158. Singing as We Go
  159. So Long as Earth Remaineth
  160. Someone Must Struggle That Others May Win
  161. Sometime and Somehow
  162. Song We Used to Know, The
  163. Song of Salvation
  164. Songland of the Soul, The
  165. Sooner or Later the Wrong Will Be Righted
  166. Soul, a Savior Thou Art Needing
  167. Speed It On
  168. Speed the Gospel On
  169. Standard Bearer, The
  170. Such a Little Way to Jesus
  171. Sweet Promise of Jesus
  172. Sweet Voices Are Calling Thy Soul Away
  173. Take a Step Forward Today
  174. Take Time
  175. Tell It Today
  176. Tell the Promises Over to Me
  177. There Are the Glorified
  178. There Is Rest for the Weary
  179. There Will Dawn a Golden Morrow
  180. There’s a Call from the Heart of the Savior
  181. There’s a Question That Comes When the Night
  182. There’s Light for a Step
  183. They Gave Him Their Treasures
  184. They That Be Wise
  185. Thine the Praise
  186. Thou Who Dost Pity the Sons of Men
  187. Though the Upward Path Is Narrow
  188. Thy Kingdom Come
  189. Touch of His Hand on Mine, The
  190. Through the Doors That Open Stand
  191. To Him That Overcomes
  192. True to the Trust Thou Hast
  193. Turn Up Your Lamp
  194. Turn Your Faces Toward the Morning
  195. Twilight Dream, A
  196. Voyage Has Been Weary, The
  197. Way of the Cross Leads Home, The
  198. We Are Coming
  199. We Are Going Down the Valley
  200. We Are Going to Live Forever
  201. We Are Little Gleaners
  202. We for Christ, to Him We Bring
  203. We Praise Thee
  204. We Say Good Night
  205. What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  206. While Blossoms Wear Their Dew
  207. Whole of Life for Jesus, The
  208. Who Will Enlist for the King Today?
  209. Wonderful Peace
  210. Yes, I Know There Is a Heaven
  211. You Can, if You Will, Be Saved Tonight