January 2, 1828, Thornton, New Hampshire.

November 28, 1904, Cleveland, Ohio.

Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

R. E. Jeremy.


Rankin attended Middlebury College, Vermont, and Andover Theological Seminary. After ordination in 1855, he pastored at churches in New York; St. Albans, Vermont; Charlestown, Massachusetts; at the First Congregational Church in Washington, DC, for 15 years; and at the Valley Congregational Church, Orange, New Jersey. In 1889, he became president of Howard University, Washington, DC. His works include:

  1. Drifting Away from Jesus
  2. Fair Freedom’s Land
  3. Far Up the Heights of Glory
  4. God Be the Nation’s Guide
  5. God Be with You Till We Meet Again
  6. Heralds of Jesus
  7. How Can I but Love Him?
  8. In Sight of the Crystal Sea
  9. Keep Your Colors Flying
  10. Laboring and Heavy Laden
  11. More Than Conquerors
  12. O Prodigal, Don’t Stay Away
  13. On Easter Morn
  14. Out and Out for Jesus
  15. Out of Zion May God Bless Thee
  16. Rest, Rest, Rest, Brother, Rest
  17. Soldier of Christ
  18. Sweet! Sweet! Sweet the Swell!
  19. Take a Stand for Jesus
  20. Tell It to Jesus
  21. Watch Between My Soul and Thee
  22. Who’ll Take the Ranks?