June 5, 1807, Leeds, Eng­land.

March 25, 1889, Clif­ton, Eng­land.

Ar­nos Vale Ce­me­te­ry, Bris­tol, Eng­land.

A Leeds Lay­man.


A so­li­cit­or by pro­fess­ion, and mem­ber of the Con­gre­ga­tion­al de­no­mi­na­tion, Raw­son lived for ma­ny years at Clif­ton, near Bris­tol, and prac­ticed law in Leeds.

In 1853, he helped the Con­gre­ga­tion­al min­is­ters of Leeds com­pile Psalms, Hymns, and Pas­sag­es of Scrip­ture for Chris­tian Wors­hip (com­mon­ly known as the Leeds Hymn-book). In 1858, he as­sist­ed Dr. Green and oth­er Bap­tist min­is­ters in pre­par­ing Psalms and Hymns for the Use of the Bap­tist De­no­mi­na­tion.

His works in­clude:

  1. And Will the Migh­ty God
  2. Beautiful, De­sired, and Dear
  3. Blessed Are They Who Have Not Seen
  4. Blessed Is the Faith­ful Heart
  5. By Christ Re­deemed, in Christ Re­stored
  6. Captain and Sav­ior of the Host
  7. Christ to Hea­ven Is Gone Bevfore
  8. Come to Our Poor Na­ture’s Night
    • Holy Ghost, the In­fi­nite
  9. Father in High Hea­ven Dwell­ing
  10. Father of Love and Pow­er
  11. Give Dust to Dust
  12. God Is Our Re­fuge, God Our Strength
  13. God the Fa­ther, Be Thou Near
  14. God the Lord Is King
  15. He Fell Asleep in Christ the Lord
  16. Immersed Be­neath the Clos­ing Wave
  17. In the Dark and Cloudy Day
  18. Jesus the Lord, Our Right­eous­ness
  19. Lo, a Voice from Hea­ven Hath Said
  20. Lord, Let Me Pray, I Know Not How
  21. Lord, We Bless Thee, Who Hast Giv­en
  22. My Father, It Is Good for Me
  23. O Pal­lid, Gen­tle, Grief Worn Face
  24. O Thou Good Shep­herd
  25. Our Eyes We Lift Up to the Hills
  26. Out of the Depths, the Gulfs, the Night
  27. Praise Ye the Lord! Im­mor­tal Choir
  28. Reaper, Be­hold the Fields Are White
  29. Rise, Heart, Thy Lord Arose
  30. Soul, Thy Week of Toil Is End­ed
  31. This, the Old World’s Day of Rest
  32. Thou Who Hast Known the Care­worn Breast
  33. Thou Who Thy­self Did Sanc­ti­fy
  34. Upon the Ho­ly Moun­tains High
  35. Voices of the Deep Blue Night
  36. Walking with Thee, My God
  37. We Li­mit Not the Truth of God
  38. With Glad­ness We Wor­ship
  39. Ye Hosts of Hea­ven, Ye Migh­ty Ones

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