Au­gust 18, 1855, near Navarre, Ohio.

Sep­tem­ber 19 1933, Elmhurst, Illinois.

Elm Lawn Ce­me­te­ry, Elmhurst, Illinois. The title of his song Some Day, Somewhere is on his tombstone.

Son of a farmer, Rosche attended his first singing school at age 10. When he was 12 years old, his father bought an organ, and George began the study of music in earnest with Miss Christina Carver. At age 15, he attended Dana’s Musical Institute at Warren, Ohio, for a year. He then began teaching piano and organ, and later singing schools. During this time, he also studied harmony and composition with Rev. Corthauer of Massillon, Ohio. At age 19, he went to Stuttgart, Germany, and attended the Royal Conservatory of Music for two years, studying piano, pipe organ, harmony and composition and voice culture. Rosche returned to America in 1876, and went to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he taught piano and other subjects for three years.

In 1879, Rosche was called to the chair of music in the Seminary of the German Evangelical Synod of North America, in Elmhurst, Illinois. In 1880, while at the seminary, Rosche married Ida Kate Weiser of Indianapolis.

Rosche left the seminary 1884 to go into the piano and organ business, as well as music publishing, with which he had been involved to some extent while at the seminary. In 1897, he began publishing a monthly magazine, The Church Choir. He also published Gospel song books in both English and German, and composed cantatas and other Sunday school music. His works in­clude:

  1. Children’s Praise
  2. Crown Him
  3. Have Faith in God
  4. He Keepeth Me, Ever
  5. Homeland, The
  6. Homeland of Jesus
  7. I’m Nearer My Home
  8. Lord, My Heart Is Rested
  9. Mercy at the Cross
  10. Resting in the Arms of Jesus
  11. Some Day, Somewhere
  12. There Never Was a Friend Like Jesus