Hamp Sewell

January 7, 1875, near Atlanta, Georgia.

May 11, 1938, Temple, Georgia.

Asbury Cemetery, Temple, Georgia.

Hamp was the son of Pli­ny Isaac Sew­ell and Ma­ry An­nie Lee, and husband of Eliz­a­beth Myr­tice Bet­tie Grif­fin.

He studied music with An­tho­ny Sho­wal­ter and, after working as a merchant and farmer, was an evangelistic singer with Rev. Charles Dun­a­way, starting in 1909. He worked in the evangelism field throughout the southern United States for over 25 years, and wrote some 500 songs. His works include:

  1. He Included Me
  2. I Am the Way
  3. In Sin I Once Had Wandered
  4. Lift Me Higher
  5. Sweeter as the Days Go By
  6. There Is Room in His Heart for You

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