February 14, 1914, Bellview, New Mexico.

December 30, 1993, Overland Park, Kansas.

Johnson County Memorial Gardens, Johnson County, Kansas.


Stanphill was an Assemblies of God pastor, singer, and Gospel songwriter. A gifted musician, he was already playing piano, organ, ukulele and accordion by age 10. By the time he reached 17, he was composing and singing, participating in revival crusades, prayer meetings, and tent campaigns. He graduated from the Junior College in Chillicothe, Missouri, and was later awarded an honorary Ph.D. from Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana. As a singing evangelist, he preached all over America and in over 40 other countries. He was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1981, and published his autobiography, This Side of Heaven, in 1983.

  1. Because
  2. Beyond Tomorrow
  3. Bind Our Hearts with One Great Purpose
  4. Choice Is Mine, The
  5. Christian Cowboy, A
  6. Color It Love
  7. Come and See
  8. Crown of Thorns, A
  9. David and Goliath
  10. Faithful Forever
  11. Follow Me
  12. Give Me a Love Like This
  13. Glory Road, The
  14. God Has His Way in It All
  15. Happiness Is the Lord
  16. He Came to Me
  17. He Knows What He’s Doin’ All the Time
  18. He Listens
  19. He Washed My Eyes with Tears
  20. How Deep Was His Love
  21. I Am Longing to See Jesus
  22. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  23. I Made a Place in My Heart
  24. I Walk with His Hand in Mine
  25. If I’ve Forgotten Today
  26. If You Need Him
  27. I’m a Goin’ to Glory
  28. Inside Those Pearly Gates
  29. It’s Real, for It’s Written
  30. I’ve Riches Untold
  31. Jesus and Me
  32. Jesus Can
  33. Jesus Is His Name
  34. Just Trust in Him
  35. Knock at the Door
  36. Lovely Is His Name
  37. Mansion over the Hilltop
  38. Now I Know
  39. Preach the Whole Gospel
  40. Rocky Road
  41. Room at the Cross for You
  42. She Needs Your Prayers
  43. Someone Forgot
  44. Suppertime
  45. Take Down Your Harp
  46. There’s Only One Way
  47. Thirty Pieces of Silver
  48. ’Til He Comes
  49. Time and Time Again
  50. Treasures
  51. Trust Me
  52. Unto the King
  53. Unworthy
  54. We’ll Talk It Over
  55. Without a Song
  56. Ye Shall Receive Power
  57. Yes He Knows
  58. You Can Have a Song in Your Heart
  59. Your Decision