1652, Dub­lin, Ire­land.

Au­gust 12, 1715, South­wark, Lon­don, Eng­land.

St. George the Mar­tyr South­wark, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Tate gra­du­at­ed from Tri­ni­ty Col­lege in Dub­lin.

He was a dis­ting­uished play­wright, and in 1692, be­came Bri­tain’s po­et laur­e­ate. His col­la­bo­ra­tive works with Ni­cho­las Bra­dy in­clude:

  1. As Pants the Hart for Cool­ing Streams
  2. For Thee, O God, Our Con­stant Praise
  3. Have Mer­cy, Lord, on Me
  4. He That Has God His Guard­i­an Made
  5. How Blest Are They Who Al­ways Keep
  6. Let All the Lands, with Shouts of Joy
  7. Lift Up Your Heads, Eter­nal Gates!
  8. Lord Hath Spoke, the Migh­ty God, The
  9. Lord Him­self, the Migh­ty Lord, The
  10. Lord un­to My Lord Thus Spake, The
  11. No Change of Time
  12. O God, My Heart Is Ful­ly Bent
  13. O God of Hosts, the Migh­ty Lord
  14. O Lord, Our Fa­thers Oft Have Told
  15. O Lord, That Art My Right­eous Judge
  16. O Praise Ye the Lord
  17. O Thou, to Whom All Crea­tures Bow
  18. O ’Twas a Joy­ful Sound to Hear
  19. Tho’ Wick­ed Men Grow Rich or Great
  20. Thou, Lord, by Strict­est Search Hast Known
  21. Through All the Chang­ing Scenes of Life
  22. To Bless Thy Chos­en Race
  23. To God Be Glo­ry
  24. While Shep­herds Watched Their Flocks
  25. With Glo­ry Clad, with Strength Ar­rayed
  26. With Rest­less and Un­gov­erned Rage