Char­lie Till­man

March 20, 1861, Tall­as­see, Al­a­ba­ma.

Sep­tem­ber 2, 1943, At­lan­ta, Geor­gia.

West­view Ce­me­te­ry, At­lan­ta, Geor­gia.


Charles was the son of James La­fay­ette Till­man and Ma­ry Davis.

He worked with his fa­ther, a preach­er, in evan­gel­ism, as well as paint­ing hous­es, work­ing as a tra­vel­ing sales­man for a mu­sic com­pa­ny out of Ral­eigh, North Ca­ro­li­na, and sang on a tra­vel­ing wa­gon ad­ver­tis­ing Wiz­ard Oil.

He be­gan his ca­reer in 1887 as a sing­ing evan­gel­ist. He formed his own mu­sic pub­lish­ing house in At­lan­ta, Geor­gia, and put out 20 Gos­pel song col­lect­ions.

At one time, he was song lead­er at the In­di­an Spring Ho­li­ness Camp Meet­ing in Flo­vil­la, Geor­gia. He was the first to pub­lish the spir­it­u­al Old-Time Re­li­gion, which he heard blacks sing­ing at a camp meet­ing in Lex­ing­ton, South Ca­ro­li­na.

His works in­clude:

  1. Diamonds in the Rough
  2. Farther On
  3. Glorious Church
  4. Hallelujah!
  5. You Can Shine
  1. Aldershot
  2. Be a Light for Je­sus
  3. El Pa­so
  4. First to Greet Us There
  5. Get Ac­quaint­ed with Je­sus
  6. Los Al­tos
  7. My Mo­ther’s Bi­ble
  8. Old Time Pow­er
  9. Ready
  10. Save One Soul for Je­sus
  11. Since He Came to Stay
  12. Spirit Is Call­ing, The
  13. Unanswered Yet
  14. They Were in an Up­per Cham­ber
  15. When I Get to the End of the Way