Feb­ru­a­ry 10, 1851, New­ark, New Jer­sey.

De­cem­ber 8, 1929, Un­ion, Maine.

Pine Grove Ce­me­te­ry, Ap­ple­ton, Maine (his wife’s home town).


Edwin was the son of Hen­ry Jer­ome and Lu­cy L. Uf­ford.

He at­tend­ed the Strat­ford Acad­e­my in Con­nec­ti­cut, and Bates The­o­lo­gic­al Se­mi­na­ry, Maine.

He re­ceived a preach­ing li­cense in 1878 from the First Bap­tist Church, Port­land, Maine, and was or­dained the next year by the First Bap­tist Church, East Au­burn, Maine.

He went on to serve Bap­tist con­gre­ga­tions in Al­na, Maine; and Can­ton, Ded­ham, Hing­ham, Win­chen­don, and Will­i­man­set, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

His works in­clude:

  1. All I Want Is a Sav­ior’s Love
  2. Beneath the Shel­ter­ing Blood
  3. Book My Mo­ther Read, The
  4. Build a Wall of Love Round the Heart
  5. Come, Weep Just as We Did in Sor­row for Sin
  6. Converts’ Prais­es
  7. Dare to Be a Paul
  8. Enter in­to the Joy of the Lord
  9. Glory Be to Je­sus, I Have Found the Light
  10. How I Love to Sing All the Glad, Glad Songs
  11. I Be­lieve the Bi­ble
  12. I Have Re­deemed Thee
  13. I Love to Hear the Sto­ry
  14. I Trust Him
  15. I Want That Kind of Bless­ing
  16. If the Love of Je­sus Fills Your Soul with Light
  17. It Came to Me One Pre­cious Day
  18. Joy Bells Ring­ing in My Soul
  19. Keep Mov­ing on the Way
  20. Lamp Hold­ers
  21. Mine Is the Chris­tian’s War­fare
  22. Narrow Way to Hea­ven, The
  23. Praise and Hon­or, King of Glo­ry
  24. Since I Let Him Have His Way
  25. Stranger Stood at the Door of Thy Heart, A
  26. Sweet Sun­day
  27. That’s What I Want
  28. There Are Pre­cious Souls About Us
  29. There Is Joy in Hea­ven Today
  30. There Is On­ly One Con­di­tion
  31. There Is On­ly One Thing That the Chris­tian Needs
  32. There Is Sun­shine in My Soul
  33. There’s No­thing Too Low for Je­sus
  34. Throw Out the Life Line
  35. Till the Reap­ing By and By
  36. Trust Me, and Just Obey
  37. Wait! Wait! Je­sus Will Come
  38. Walking with Je­sus
  39. Was It for Me?
  40. Wash My Sins Away
  41. Wave the Sig­nal Light
  42. Wells of Sal­va­tion, The
  43. What a Fel­low­ship
  44. When I Felt the Hea­ven­ly Sun­light
  45. When Je­sus Came to Seek Me
  46. When the Walls of Je­ri­cho Fall
  47. Will They Ring for Me?

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