Werdebaugh stu­died pi­a­no as a child and con­tin­ued stu­dy­ing pi­a­no and pipe or­gan at the Whea­ton Col­lege Con­serv­a­to­ry of Mu­sic. He re­ceived a BA in Bib­li­cal Studies and Chris­tian Ed­u­ca­tion from Whea­ton Col­lege, and a MA from Whea­ton Grad­u­ate School in the area of Chris­tian Lead­er­ship, con­cen­trat­ing in Chris­tian Min­is­tries, In­ter­per­son­al Com­mun­i­ca­tions, and Mis­sions (Cross-Cul­tur­al Com­mun­i­ca­tions) with an His­pan­ic em­pha­sis.

Werdebaugh has served church­es as Ass­ist­ant Pas­tor, Lay Pas­tor, Preach­ing Wor­ship Di­rect­or, Choir Di­rect­or, Di­rect­or of Mis­sions and Out­reach, or­gan­ist, pi­an­ist, key­board­ist and teach­er. He has served in the mu­sic min­is­try and, as of 2017, has sung in the choir at Sa­lem First Church of the Na­za­rene, Sa­lem, Or­e­gon, for over 16 years.

He is a Mem­ber-at-Large Emer­i­tus with and is a past Dean of the Sa­lem, Or­e­gon, Chap­ter of the Am­er­i­can Guild of Or­gan­ists.

His works inc­lude:

  1. Alleluia! Al­le­luia! Al­le­luia!
  2. As for Me and My House
  3. At the Name of Je­sus
  4. Christmas Prais­es
  5. Come Away with Je­sus
  6. Come, Ho­ly Spir­it
  7. Come, Lord Je­sus, Come
  8. Drawn to You
  9. Easter Joy
  10. Father’s Pray­er, A
  11. For God So Loved
  12. For Such a Time as This
  13. Golden Rule Song
  14. He Shall Live
  15. Holy Is the Lord!
  16. Hope of Glo­ry
  17. Hymn of Thanks­giv­ing
  18. I Was Glad
  19. It’s a Won­der­ful Life
  20. Jesus, Your Name
  21. Lamb of God
  22. Lord, Show Me What It Means
  23. Lord, We Have Come to Wor­ship You
  24. Lord, You Alone Are Wor­thy!
  25. Messianic Praise Song
  26. New Heart, A
  27. Nothing Be­tween Us
  28. O God, Our Light
  29. O Lord, Des­cend
  30. One Spe­cial Night
  31. Our In­fant Re­deem­er
  32. Peace for the Val­ley
  33. Sov’reign God, to You Alone
  34. Sovereign Lord
  35. To You, Ho­ly Lord
  36. We Bless Thee for Thy Peace
  37. We Have Come to Wor­ship You, O Lord
  38. We Sing Hal­le­lu­jah!
  39. Whom Have I in Hea­ven but You?
  40. Worship Hymn, A
  41. Worship Song
  42. You Alone
  43. Your Gift of Love
  1. Advent Gos­pel
  2. Advent Peace
  3. All Hail the Pow­er
  4. Amazing Love
  5. At the End of Life’s Road
  6. Atoning Sac­ri­fice
  7. Bucharest
  8. Behold the Bride­groom
  9. Behold the Man
  10. Cáceres
  11. Call to Mis­sions—Ma­ce­don­ia
  12. Celestial Ad­o­ra­tion
  13. Chamorro
  14. Child in the Man­ger
  15. Christmas Chimes
  16. Colonel Hill
  17. Come to Me
  18. Comfort Ye My Peo­ple
  19. Day of Je­sus’ Birth
  20. Descend on Me
  21. Divine De­pend­ence
  22. Divine Her­i­tage
  23. Elevation
  24. Exalt the King
  25. Glorious Peace
  26. God Moves
  27. God Or­dains
  28. Gospel Mes­sage
  29. Gracious Spir­it
  30. Heaven’s Re­source
  31. Holy Sac­ri­fice
  32. I Speak of Beth­le­hem
  33. India Ba­sin
  34. It Is Well with My Soul
  35. Jesus Is the On­ly Way
  36. Joyful Bells
  37. King of Glo­ry and Peace
  38. King of Kings
  39. Lament ov­er Di­vine Judg­ment
  40. Last Days Plea
  41. Lord’s Park
  42. Love So Am­az­ing
  43. Macedonia
  44. Marcho di Rèi (har­mon­iz­er)
  45. Master’s Praise
  46. Miracle from Hea­ven
  47. N. Bar­ring­ton
  48. Never Alone
  49. O Lord, Des­cend
  50. Old Pal­a­tine
  51. Our Of­fer­ings
  52. Precious Peace
  53. Pure Zeal
  54. Quickly Com­ing
  55. Resting in Je­sus’ Arms
  56. Rockford
  57. Rockingham
  58. Safe Pas­sage
  59. Salvation’s Plan
  60. Sangerhausen
  61. Silent Faith
  62. Silent Rev­er­ence
  63. Silent Wor­ship
  64. Sing Prais­es
  65. Sov’reign God
  66. Speak, Lord
  67. Those Christ­mas Bells
  68. Totally Sur­rend­ered
  69. Triune Ad­o­ra­tion
  70. Trust and Obey
  71. Upheld by Hope
  72. Victory Through Grace
  73. We Bless Thee
  74. We Have Come
  75. Worthy Alone
  76. Worthy Is the Lamb!
  77. Wounded for Me