Scripture Verse

Strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Hebrews 11:13


Words: John M. Shenk, 1902.

Music: Re­bec­ca John M. Shenk (🔊 pdf nwc).

John M. Shenk


Come, Hea­ven-bound pilgrims,
And join in God’s praise,
Come seek now His blessing
And learn of His ways,
In humble devotion
Bow low at His feet,
In true spirit worship,
His favor entreat.

Let each one consider
The price we have cost,
Let each one be burdened
With souls that are lost,
And seek that infilling
Of power from above,
That fits us for service
And fills us with love.

Remember each other
In true, fervent prayer,
Pray too for God’s servants
That they may declare
The message of truth
With an anxious desire,
That all be enkindled
With heavenly fire.

O gracious Re­deem­er,
Be with us we pray,
Breathe on us Thy Spi­rit
To show us the way,
And fill us with goodness,
With peace and delight,
That all to Thy glo­ry
May shine as a light.