Scripture Verse

If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink. John 7:37


Augustus M. Toplady (1740–1778)
National Portrait Gallery


Words: Au­gus­tus M. Top­la­dy, 1774.

Music: St. Mat­thew Will­iam Croft, 1708 (🔊 pdf nwc).

William Croft (1678–1727)


Fountain of ne­ver ceasing grace,
Thy saints’ exhaustless theme,
Great object of immortal praise,
Essentially supreme;
We bless Thee for the glo­ri­ous fruits
Thine incarnation gives;
The right­eous­ness which grace im­putes,
And faith alone receives.

Whom heaven’s angelic host adores,
Was slaughtered for our sin;
The guilt, O Lord was wholly ours,
The punishment was Thine:
Our God in the flesh, to set us free,
Was manifested here;
And meekly bare our sins, that we
His right­eous­ness might wear.

Imputatively guilty then
Our substitute was made,
That we the blessings might ob­tain
For which His blood was shed:
Himself He offered on the cross,
Our sorrows to re­move;
And all He suffered was for us,
And all He did was love.

In Him we have a right­eous­ness,
By God Himself approved;
Our rock, our sure foundation this,
Which ne­ver can be moved.
Our ransom by His death He paid,
For all His people giv’n,
The law He perfectly ob­eyed,
That they might enter Heav’n.

As all, when Ad­am sinned alone,
In his trans­gress­ion died,
So by the right­eous­ness of One,
Are sinners justified,
We to Thy merit, gracious Lord,
With humblest joy sub­mit,
Again to Paradise re­stored,
In Thee alone com­plete.

Our souls His watchful love re­trieves,
Nor lets them go as­tray,
His right­eous­ness to us He gives,
And takes our sins away:
We claim sal­va­tion in His right,
Adopted and forgiv’n,
His merit is our robe of light,
His death the gate of Heav’n.