Scripture Verse

Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel. Psalm 80:1


Friedrich Silcher

Words: Tho­mas B. Poll­ock, in The Gos­pel­ler, De­cem­ber 1868. The orig­in­al po­em had 22 stan­zas; 13–16 and 18 are shown be­low.

Music: Pas­tor Pas­to­rum Fried­rich Sil­cher, Zwolf Kin­der­lied­er aus dem An­hange des Speck­ter­schen Fa­bel­buch­es, zwei­stim­mig kom­po­niert von Fried­rich Silcher (Tü­bing­en, Ger­ma­ny: 1841) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Thomas B. Pollock


Faithful Shepherd, feed me
In the pastures green;
Faithful Shepherd, lead me
Where Thy steps are seen.

Hold me fast, and guide me
In the narrow way;
So, with Thee beside me,
I shall ne­ver stray.

Daily bring me nearer
To the heav’nly shore;
Make my faith grow clearer,
May I love Thee more.

Hallow every pleasure,
Every gift and pain;
Be Thy­self my treasure,
Though none else I gain.

Day by day prepare me
As Thou seest best,
Then let angels bear me
To Thy promised rest.