Ye shall be gathered one by one.@Isaiah 27:12
Isaiah Baltzell (1832–1893)

Edmund S. Lorenz, in Garnered Sheaves of Song for the Sunday School, by Lorenz and Isaiah Baltzell (Dayton, Ohio: W. J. Shuey, 1888), number 1. Some hymnals show the lyricist as E. D. Mund, one of Lorenz’ pseudonyms.

Isaiah Baltzell (🔊 pdf nwc).

Edmund S. Lorenz (1854–1942)

At the feet of the blessèd Master
We would lay our garnered sheaves;
When we come, and all empty handed,
Surely sore the Master grieves!


Garnered sheaves from the fields so white to harvest!
Garnered sheaves richly yields life’s golden harvest!
At the feet of the Blessèd Master
We would lay our garnered sheaves.

While the fields then are white with harvest,
And the laborers are few,
Let us strive well to fill the garner,
And be reapers staunch and true.


O the joy of successful labor!
O the joy of work well done!
O the joy of the Master’s praises
To the soul whose crown is won!