Scripture Verse

Behold, a sower went forth to sow. Matthew 13:3


Richard W. Adams

Words: Ri­chard W. Ad­ams, 2018 (pub­lic do­main).

Music: St. Ag­nes John B. Dykes, in Hymn­al for Use in the Eng­lish Church, by John Grey, 1866 (🔊 pdf nwc).

John B. Dykes


God, as we stand amid Your world,
Gazing on wait­ing lands,
Lord of the har­vest, seize our hearts,
Employ our idle hands.

Show us the fields of great­est need,
Bless and pre­pare the soil;
Give us Your seed to sow abroad,
Guide and di­rect our toil.

Strengthen our arm to sow to­day,
Equip us for the hour;
Shield us from beast and sword alike,
Protect us by Your pow­er.

Bless now the ho­ly Word we sow—
May it find fer­tile ground;
Keep it from thorns and scorch­ing sun,
Make the green blade abound.

“Shun hard, smooth paths and way­sides bright,
Through and around the field;
For work and la­bor light­ly done
Return but lit­tle yield.

Fret not when nox­ious weeds arise
Among the grow­ing grain;
They will be burned at har­vest time,
And gold­en wheat re­main.