Scripture Verse

O Thou that hearest prayer. Psalm 65:2


Charles Wesley

Words: Charles Wes­ley, Hymns for Those That Seek, and Those That Have Re­demp­tion in the Blood of Je­sus Christ 1747, num­ber 15.

Music: Mer­cy Lou­is M. Gott­schalk, 1867 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Louis M. Gottschalk


God of love, that hearest prayer,
Kindly for Thy people care,
Who on Thee alone depend,
Save us, save us to the end.

Save us in the prosperous hour,
From the flattering tempter’s power,
From his unsuspected wiles,
From the world’s pernicious smiles.

Cut off our dependence vain
On the help of feeble man,
Every arm of flesh remove,
Stay us on Thy only Love,

Cut off our dependence vain
On the help of feeble man,
Every arm of flesh remove;
Stay us on Thy only love.

Let us still afflicted be,
Sheltered in Thy poverty,
Covered with Thy sacred shame,
Kept by Thine almighty name.

Men of worldly, low design,
Let not these Thy people join,
Dare thy hallowed ark sustain,
Touch it with their hands profane.

Savior, compass us about,
Keep the rich and noble out,
Till their all in heart they sell,
Till the worms their baseness feel.

Men of dignity and power
Let not them Thy flock devour,
Poison our simplicity,
Drag us from our trust in Thee.

Save us from the great and wise,
Till they sink in their own eyes,
Till they to Thy yoke submit,
Lay their honor at Thy feet.

Never let the world break in;
Fix a mighty gulf between:
Keep us little and unknown,
Prized and loved by God alone.

Let us still to Thee look up,
Thee, Thy Israel’s strength and hope;
Nothing known, or seek, beside
Jesus, and Him crucified.

Dignified with worth divine
Let us in Thine image shine,
High in heav’nly places sit,
See the moon beneath our feet,

Far above all created things,
Look we down on earthly kings;
Taste our glorious liberty,
Find our happiness in Thee.