Scripture Verse

Thou hast destroyed thyself; but in Me is thine help. Hosea 13:9


John F. Bridge (1844–1924)

Words: Hen­ry W. Bak­er, in Hymns for Miss­ion Ser­vic­es, 1876.

Music: God Made Me John F. Bridge, in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1889 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

Henry W. Baker (1821–1877)


God made me for Himself, to serve Him here
With love’s pure service and in filial fear;
To show His praise, for Him to labor now;
Then see His glo­ry where the angels bow.

All needful grace was mine,
Through His dear Son,
Whose life and death my full sal­va­tion won;
The grace that would have
Strengthened me, and taught;
Grace that would crown me
When my work was wrought.

And I, poor sinner, cast it all away;
Lived for the toil or pleasure of each day;
As if no Christ had shed His precious blood,
As if I owed no homage to my God.

O Ho­ly Spir­it, with Thy fire divine,
Melt into tears this thankless heart of mine;
Teach me to love what once I seemed to hate,
And live to God, before it be too late.