For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.@Luke 2:11
Charles H. Gabriel (1856–1932)

Liz­zie De­Ar­mond, 1911.

Charles H. Gab­ri­el. Some hym­nals show the com­pos­er as J. C. Will­iams, one of Gab­ri­el’s pseu­do­nyms (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lizzie DeArmond (1847–1936)

Hasten, loyal mortals, onward to the star,
See its beams of glory beckon from afar;
Past, the night of splendor, dawns the promised morn;
Come rejoicing, praises voicing, Christ is born.


Marching forward, following the star,
Shining, beaming, brightly gleaming
From the eastern skies afar;
Joyful praises singing all the way!
Swell the sweet undying song of Christmas Day.

March with joy and gladness, countless voices ring,
Angels high in glory worshipping the King;
Hail the Child of blessing, joy of all the earth;
Watch-fires gleaming, starlight beaming, greet His birth.


Hasten, loyal mortals, seek the manger shrine,
Bring your precious treasures to the Lord divine;
Soon the great Messiah shall your eyes behold;
Homage render, sweet and tender, love’s pure gold.