Scripture Verse

All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God. Isaiah 52:10


John R. Macduff

Words: John R. Mac­duff, Al­tar Stones (Lon­don: James Nis­bet, 1853), pag­es 54–55.

Music: Ly­dia (Steb­bins) George C. Steb­bins (1848–1945) (🔊 pdf nwc).

George C. Stebbins


Hasten, Lord, that morn of glory,
When the world shall groan no more,
When the Gospel’s joyous story
Shall be spread from shore to shore.

Speed the glorious proclamation,
Let Messiah’s power increase;
Every tribe, and tongue, and nation,
Welcome in the Prince of Peace!

Wake your echoes, rocks of Kedar!
Midian! Ephah! own His grace!
Fir, and pine, and box, and cedar
Beautify His holy place!

Blessèd time, when every dwelling
Shall one joyful anthem raise;
Every heart with rapture swelling,
Thrilling every tongue with praise.

When the leopard and the lion,
With the lamb in peace shall lie,
And within the earthly Zion
Dwell the love that reigns on high.

Firmament, now glowing o’er us!
Mountains! rivers! isles! and sea!
All combine to swell the chorus
That will ring earth’s jubilee!