Scripture Verse

Declare His glory among the heathen; His marvelous works among all nations. 1 Chronicles 16:24


Edmund S. Lorenz

Words: Her­bert E. Buf­fum, in His Wor­thy Praise, by Ed­mund Lo­renz & Ira B. Wil­son (Day­ton, Ohio: Lo­renz Pub­lish­ing, 1915), num­ber 84.

Music: Ed­mund S. Lo­renz (🔊 pdf nwc).

Herbert E. Buffum


Far away across the ocean
Comes a call for Gospel light;
Millions now are dying daily,
Lost in superstition’s night;
Let us give ourselves, our money—
Give it in abundant store,
But not forget the heathen
At our very door.


Don’t forget our brothers
Calling o’er the sea;
Don’t forget the neighbors
Next to you and me;
We may never bear the message
To some needy distant shore,
But we can win the heathen
At our very door.

We may never take the Gospel
Far away from our own home;
We may never leave our loved ones
Over land and sea to roam;
Darkest Africa and India
We perhaps will ne’er explore,
But not forget the heathen
At our very door.


Do not sigh to do some great thing
That will make your name resound
After you for years are sleeping
Underneath a little mound;
We will feel repaid in Heaven,
When we reach that shining shore,
If one is there to greet us,
Saved at our own door.