Scripture Verse

Of this Gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher. 2 Timothy 1:11


Words: Je­re­mi­ah E. Ran­kin, 1888.

Music: Will­iam H. Pon­ti­us (1857–1937) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Jeremiah E. Rankin (1828–1904)


All round the earth, what weary hearts are aching,
And heav’nward go what clouds of secret sighs;
What lonely, laden ones from sin are waking,
Turning to God, their eager, hungry eyes.


Heralds of Je­sus, heralds of light,
Go where the lost are found;
Bind up each bleeding wound,
Go where the darkness is,
Drive back the night.

Lo! ships are ploughing far, on every ocean,
And sails of traffic filled by every breeze;
When will God’s people, clothed with like devotion,
Send Gos­pel balm to bring the burdened ease?


Star of earth’s night, great Herald of the morning,
We see Thy sign glow in th’horizon there;
Fresh courage take, all pains and perils scorning,
And bring our gifts to Thee, with praise and prayer.


Lift Thou the shadows filling thick around us,
Lord, show Thy­self, and lead Thy people on!
Break Thou the fetters that in sin have bound us,
And sin and sorrow shall from earth be gone.