Scripture Verse

Of this Gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher. 2 Timothy 1:11


Words: Jer­e­mi­ah E. Ran­kin, 1888.

Music: Will­iam H. Pon­ti­us (1857–1937) (🔊 pdf nwc).

Jeremiah E. Rankin


All round the earth, what weary hearts are aching,
And heav’nward go what clouds of secret sighs;
What lonely, laden ones from sin are waking,
Turning to God, their eager, hungry eyes.


Heralds of Jesus, heralds of light,
Go where the lost are found;
Bind up each bleeding wound,
Go where the darkness is,
Drive back the night.

Lo! ships are ploughing far, on every ocean,
And sails of traffic filled by every breeze;
When will God’s people, clothed with like devotion,
Send Gospel balm to bring the burdened ease?


Star of earth’s night, great Herald of the morning,
We see Thy sign glow in th’horizon there;
Fresh courage take, all pains and perils scorning,
And bring our gifts to Thee, with praise and prayer.


Lift Thou the shadows filling thick around us,
Lord, show Thyself, and lead Thy people on!
Break Thou the fetters that in sin have bound us,
And sin and sorrow shall from earth be gone.