Scripture Verse

The wall…was of jasper…the twelve gates were twelve pearls…and the street of the city was pure gold. Revelation 21:18–21


Words & Music: Aus­tin Tay­lor, 1913 (🔊 pdf nwc). Ap­peared in The New Gos­pel Song Book (Aus­tin, Tex­as: Firm Foun­da­tion Pub­lish­ing, 1914), num­ber 10.

Austin Taylor (1881–1973)


There’s a beau­ti­ful home be­yond the dark ri­ver,
There’s a man­sion by faith I can see;
And the Sav­ior is there, His faith­ful to welcome,
There’s a beau­ti­ful home for me.


Home, on the banks of the ri­ver,
Home, where the ran­somed ones ga­ther,
Home, with the an­gels for­ev­er,
On the beau­ti­ful banks of the ri­ver.

’Tis a beau­ti­ful home, and God is its ma­ker,
In a land that no mor­tal has trod;
Soon the an­gels will come and car­ry me over,
To that beau­ti­ful home of God.


O that won­der­ful place to which I am go­ing,
It by faith I in rap­ture behold;
Its gates are of pearl, its walls are of jas­per,
And its beau­ti­ful streets are gold.


I have fol­lowed the way of life to this ri­ver,
I can see the glad por­tals above;
I am rea­dy to go and live with my Sav­ior,
In the beau­ti­ful home of love.