Scripture Verse

There remains…a rest for the people of God. Hebrews 4:9


William H. Bathurst

Words: Will­iam H. Bath­urst, Psalms and Hymns for Pub­lic and Pri­vate Use (Lon­don: Hatch­ard & Sons, 1831), num­ber 189.

Music: Lef­fing­well Tho­ro Har­ris (1874–1955) (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know when the words or mu­sic were writ­ten,

Thoro Harris


How sweet the hour of closing day!
When all is peaceful and serene;
And the broad sun’s retiring ray,
Sheds a mild luster o’er the scene!

Such is the Christian’s parting hour,
So peacefully he sinks to rest;
When faith, rekindling all its power,
Lights up the languor of his breast.

There is a radiance in his eye,
A smile upon his wasted cheek,
That seems to tell of glory nigh,
In language that no tongue can speak.

A beam from Heav’n is sent to cheer
The pilgrim on his gloomy road;
And angels are attending near,
To bear him to their bright abode.

Who would not wish to die like those
Whom God’s own Spirit deigns to bless?
To sink into that soft repose,
Then wake to perfect happiness?

O Lord, that we may thus depart,
Thy joys to share, Thy face to see,
Impress Thine image on our heart,
And teach us now to walk with Thee.