Scripture Verse

Strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Hebrews 11:13


Mary S. B. D. Shindler (1810–1883)

Words: Ma­ry S. B. Shind­ler, 1841.

Music: Buo­no Not­te It­al­ian air (🔊 pdf nwc).


I’m a pilgrim, and I’m a stran­ger,
I can tarry, I can tarry but a night;
Do not detain me, for I am go­ing
To where the fountains are ev­er flow­ing.


I’m a pilgrim, and I’m a stran­ger;
I can tarry, I can tar­ry but a night.

There the glo­ry is ever shin­ing;
Oh, my long­ing heart, my long­ing heart is there;
Here in this coun­try so dark and drea­ry,
I long have wan­dered for­lorn and weary.


There’s the city to which I journey;
My Re­deem­er, my Re­deem­er is its light;
There is no sor­row nor any sigh­ing,
Nor any tears there, nor any dy­ing.


Farewell, neigh­bors, with tears I’ve warned you,
I must leave you, I must leave you and be gone!
With this your por­tion, your heart’s desire,
Why will you per­ish in rag­ing fire?


Father, mother, and sis­ter, bro­ther!
If you will not jour­ney with me, I must go!
Now since your vain hopes you will thus cher­ish,
Should I, too, lin­ger, and with you per­ish?


Farewell, drear earth, by sin so blight­ed,
In immortal beauty soon you’ll be ar­rayed;
He who has formed thee will soon re­store thee,
And then the dread curse shall ne­ver­more be.