Scripture Verse

He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5


Charles H. Gabriel (1856–1932)

Words & Mu­sic: Charles H. Ga­bri­el, 1906 (🔊 pdf nwc).


There’s One who can com­fort when all else fails,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus;
A Sav­ior who saves tho’ the foe as­sails,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus:
Once He tra­veled the way we go,
Felt the pangs of de­ceit and woe;
Who more per­fect­ly then can know,
Than Je­sus, bless­èd Je­sus?

He hear­eth the cry of the soul dis­tressed,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus;
He heal­eth the wound­ed, He giv­eth rest,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus:
When from loved ones we’re called to part,
When the tears in our ang­uish start,
None can com­fort the break­ing heart,
Like Je­sus, bless­èd Je­sus.

He ne­ver for­sakes in the dark­est hour,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus;
His arm is around us with keep­ing pow­er,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus:
When we en­ter the sha­dow land,
When at Jor­dan we tremb­ling stand,
He will meet us with out­stretched hand,
This Je­sus, bless­èd Je­sus.

What joy it will be when we see His face,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus;
Forever to sing of His love and grace,
Jesus, bless­èd Je­sus:
There at home on that shin­ing shore,
With the loved ones gone on be­fore,
We will praise Him for­ev­er­more,
Our Je­sus, bless­èd Je­sus.