I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise.@Psalm 42:4
William Goode (1762–1816)

Will­iam Goode (1762–1816).

Ford (Ma­son), in Car­mi­na Sac­ra, ed­it­ed by Lo­well Ma­son (Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts: John H. Wil­kins & Ri­chard B. Car­ter, 1844), page 46 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Lowell Mason (1792–1872)

Jesus demands the voice of joy,
Loud through the land let triumph ring;
His honors should your songs employ,
Let glorious praises hail the King.

Shout to the Lord—adoring own,
Thy works Thy wondrous might disclose,
Thine arm victorious power has shown;
Thus did Thy cross confound Thy foes!

Low, at that cross, the world shall bow,
All nations shall its blessings prove;
While grateful strains in concert flow,
To sing Thy power, and praise Thy love.

Oh bless your God, ye nations round;
People and lands, rehearse His name;
Let shouts of joy through earth resound,
Let every tongue His praise proclaim.